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Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Mysteries

1. Why do they make the word you have to type as a security precaution on some websites so hard to read? Is it just me but it takes me a few times to post something on someone's blog or sign back into my email because what I think is an "o" or a "c" is actually a stretched out "d" or a "g"?

2. Speaking of that, why do they make it hard to follow a blog but people are hacking into other people's emails and facebooks all the time?

3. Sometimes the whole morning will go by and my phone doesn't ring at all but as soon as I call someone, there are a dozen calls that come through the call-waiting.

4. Why do I run into no one when I am having a good hair day and have a decent outfit on but run into everyone when my hair is in a goomba and I have on pajama bottoms?

5. No matter what my food obsession is, it inevitably becomes discontinued or hard to find. I talked about a lot of them in my food quirks post (Clearly Canadian, Frankenberries, etc.). I went to Target and guess what they were out of? The chocolate that I use to dip the strawberries in. That was the second time I went in for that and they didn't have it (still managed to spend over $100). Black Cherry Propel is still hard to find over here (in the 6 packs).

6. What is confusing to me is when Leo is watching a basketball game and is falling asleep so I take the remote away to watch my show and suddenly that very same volume is too loud and he can't sleep. I can't tell you how many times I have woken up at 2am to see him playing in an online poker tournament and watching a movie and I don't ask him every five minutes if he is thinking of going to sleep soon. He could return the favor when I am writing and watching my shows on the DVR. BUGS ME!

7. I'm losing my patience for this next one and it's not necessarily a mystery since I think I know why she does it but since I give her a ton of attention, it can't be just that. I'll give you an example of this one. Isabella didn't get enough sleep so her eyes were red. She sneezed and so her eyes were watery. Someone looked at her and told her she had pink eye. For an hour, she obsessed over whether she had pink eye. She had NO other symptoms so I assured her she did not. For days, she wanted eye drops because she felt a bout of pink eye was coming. Someone told her it was probably just allergies and that they have eye drops for that. She bugged me every day until I got them and now asks me daily, "Is it allergies if your eyes water? Is it allergies if your eyes are red?" It also drives me crazy when we are at the doctor and she checks out okay but the doctor says in front of her, "Watch for a sore throat or pain or whatever." Like clockwork, an hour after the appointment, I hear, "Mom, I'm not sure but I think my throat hurts" or whatever the doctor said to watch for.

8. Did you ever notice on Facebook that posts about Starbucks get 20 responses but posts asking for help for fundraisers get none or very few? In all fairness, the ones that ask for prayers get more than just a few.

9. Why is the memory that I'd give anything to forget is the very one I can't?

10. Why are the traits I'd like to change about myself the same ones I seemed to have passed onto my children? Nine times out of ten, it's those traits that are the ones that push my buttons and make me crazy.

11. Why is the grass greener on the other side? Is it ever greener on my side?

12. Why can my husband be home early when THEY have plans but can't seem to get home early when I have plans?

13. Why do the kids bug me to hold Gia or play with Gia when she is playing nicely by herself but the minute I need them to play with her or hold her, they want nothing to do with her?

14. How is it that they can make something called pajama jeans or a diaper that shows a line when the baby pees but we still don't have a cure for CF?


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