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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Sidebar: More of Tommy's Woes

I am so unbelievably frustrated right now. I said in an earlier post that Tommy's leg thing was back and that we hadn't heard back about the results. I was over here with no desire to call and find out because I don't want to know the answer. I know this is not right. I am aware of my "head in the sand" character flaw. It was so easy to not think about any of it while the leg thing stayed away. But now it is back and it hit me, he is supposed to be on a low dose of antibiotic but they are holding off until they get the results of the tests. I was sitting here,yesterday, watching him writhe in pain even after I gave him Advil and though I wasn't sure it was an emergency and hate calling on a Sunday afternoon, I called our regular doctor. Now...I love this doctor. He's a little bit of a kook in that he believes that fish oils cure all but he is still a good doctor and I have trusted him with all of our health. I can't tell you how many times this man has called in an antibiotic for me or the kids with just me telling him our symptoms. It might not be right but it has worked for us and I never abuse it. It's usually for sinus infections or when he has seen one kid and the other comes down with it. I thought he was kept in the loop about Tommy's thing but it was his partner that we saw that said it was JRA but since Gia tested positive for strep, he put everyone on antibiotics (that was when after one dose, Tommy was back to normal). Anyway, I called him and 20 minutes later, I felt like an idiot. He brought up steroids (the CF dr said no), biopsy (yes, let's run more tests before we know the results of the first tests), how this will probably go away without antibiotics so let's just let it run its course (when I do that it is a week of excruciating pain for Tommy) and how he'd like to see him and run some of his own tests. OMG!!! His freaking partner is the one that sent us to the specialist! Why would we go backwards? I asked him what I was supposed to do TODAY while he was in so much pain and he said if it is that bad, take him to the ER. Ummm...I already did that and got nowhere except for them to say take him to a specialist which I DID!!! I hung up feeling stupid for thinking he'd give Tommy an antibiotic over the phone (yeah, I get it...liability and resistance and all that other crap when all I really want is someone to tell me how to make him feel better and if it could be without telling me he has another disease, that would be great).

A half hour of hard crying from him and a feeling of complete helplessness from me and I called the specialist who said she hasn't seen the test results come through her office but she would be happy to go forward with the original plan and put him on Penicillin. I thanked her and hung up. He has had three doses and it's better but not gone which means he will be home today and at some point will say, "Mom, I think I have my cravings back and I think they are for chocolate and strawberries." At least that is what he said to me yesterday. Neither doctor would listen to my claim that this happens every time he is exposed to strep. The first dr said it could be caused by anything. Not necessarily strep and the second doctor only saw the numbers and said, "All of his strep cultures were negative so I don't believe it is that." I don't care about numbers. I just know that it has to be more than a coincidence that it happens every time. I feel like I know what causes it. I just don't know how to prevent it. I don't know. I mean...there are a lot of tv shows I'd like to be on...Mystery Diagnosis is not one of them.

Now I am in a predicament. The first doctor wants to see him today and was adamant about him not being on antibiotics. The specialist thought differently. I don't want my doctor to be mad at me for going over his head. I think I am going to just say that the pain got worse and rather than bring him to the ER, I called the specialist who was the last to see him in this state and she wanted to go forward with her plan. That sounds like a mom now knowing what else to do and not a pompous patient that is bucking the system, right?

On top of Tommy's leg thing, I have to find time after school for Nico to get his staples out and am still not sure where to do that. The choices are with our regular doctor, Urgent Care and the ER. I don't want to see that doctor today and have to deal with the issue of going over his head (I'll have to deal with that next week when I bring Gia in), though the ER is closest, it takes forever so I guess it is Urgent Care which means I'll have to find someone to come sit with the other kids because I don't want them exposed to the various germs at Urgent Care. Leo is going out of town today until Wednesday and if that wasn't hard enough, I was sick last night with a stomach bug. Not feeling 100% but everyone knows that the mom can't get sick...especially when the dad is out of town so today will be a lazy day.

The last time I wrote about illness hitting this house, one of my friends brought us dinner. K.E., dinner is already in the crock pot with Tommy's favorite dinner so no worries. :)


At May 3, 2011 at 6:58 AM , Blogger Kendra Mareva said...

Aww, Ann Marie, wish I could give you a big hug. Soon, soon.

At May 3, 2011 at 2:30 PM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

I wish you could too! Counting down the days.


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