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Friday, May 13, 2011

We Are Normal and a TV Recap

At least for the moment. Tommy's nurse just called and at this point, we can breathe a sigh of relief. All of Tommy's tests came back normal so we can start him on the low dose of antibiotics to prevent the leg welts from coming back. Gia's doctor called and her blood work came back normal as well! Even though it is Friday and the stress of everything we have going on this weekend is sinking in, I am thrilled that our prayers were answered and I was finally on the receiving end of an "Everything is fine" phone call!

I am finally caught up on all the shows I watch.

Celebrity Apprentice: Ding Dong! Both witches are gone! I cannot stand Donald Trump and if he becomes president, our country really will be in the toilet (just my opinion). I would like to see Marlee stand up and fight to win this. Still love the Johns. Meatloaf, Meatloaf, Meatloaf...will I ever be able to listen to my Bat Out of Hell CD again without seeing him crumble into a mountain of tears? I was impressed with his debating skills against Star, though. Now that Star and NeNe are gone, I don't care who wins.

America's Next Top Model: So glad that Alexandria is gone. Her slow talking was driving me a little crazy. I am sad that Hannah is gone. She has more beauty inside and out that the other girls have but I can see that she might have been too sweet to handle the industry. I am rooting for Molly. I think both girls are ugly on the inside but Molly at least takes pretty pictures. I can't stand Brittani.

Real Housewives of Orange County and New York: The whole competition thing with Peggy and Alexis was over the top. They are supposed to be friends? Glad my friends and I have never competed in a modeling competition. I still can't stand Gretchen but thought it was pretty funny that Slade's mom alluded to the fact that he sponges off of Gretchen. I think Lynn might be the dumbest person on television. Tamra is way over the top. I don't think anyone is surprised that Vicki's marriage is over. Over in New York, they are a bunch of liars. Do these women forget that they are being taped? Sonja is this season's crazy lady. What is up with her? Pecking order? Flashing her behind every chance she gets? She is just so rude. Ramona's eyes are so strange. She looks deranged. That lunch with Cindy was bizarre.

American Idol: I was a James fan. I am also a true blue 80's hairband fan so I loved his style. I will buy whatever CD he puts out just like I am a huge fan of Chris Daughtry. I think he will be better off even though I will miss him on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Haley is our CF nurse's niece and I am also a country fan so I don't care who wins. I just hope someone tells Scotty to stop singing out of the side of his microphone.

Sister Wives: It is the first train wreck I can't stop watching. Anyone watching can see how conflicted these people are about their situation. The one doesn't want to move. The kids don't want to move but they have to or their family will be split up. Why is polygamy illegal anyway? They aren't hurting anyone. A moral issue? Maybe but a legal one? Wasted tax money, if you ask me.

Mob Wives: This is the other train wreck. There are times when I don't even know what they are saying because everything is bleeped out. I cannot believe Renee said she is 40 years old. Do I look like that? I'm sorry. I thought she was closer to my mom's age. Obviously the "mob life" takes its toll.

The Voice: I LOVE this show! Still LOVE Blake Shelton! I think he is hilarious. This is another show that the kids and I watch together so I love it for that as well.

Bethenny Ever After: She got on my nerves on the Housewives because I thought everything had to have some witty remark attached to it. I enjoy seeing her real emotions (I don't enjoy my birthday either but c'mon with the sobbing in the bathroom) trying to navigate having it all.

Pregnant in Heels: I can't help myself. I don't enjoy her accent but I do enjoy the strange women she meets and works with. What did some of these women think the last 8 months of their pregnancy? Some of these women have said, they don't like kids or they aren't getting ready for the baby because they are having a hard time accepting that this change will take place. I do feel for Rosie's infertility issues. She's brave to go through that on television.

Friday Night Lights: I already watched this on DirectTV and really won't watch until Tim gets back from prison (I get the time thing because he was shooting a movie but couldn't they say he went to be with Lyla?). I did not like Becky last season but as long as she stays away from Tim with the desperate teenage crush, she is more likeable to me. Still love the Coach and Tami. Love this show.

Again, I admittedly watch too much television.


At May 14, 2011 at 7:13 AM , Blogger Kendra Mareva said...

That's great news about the kids. :)
Happy weekend!


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