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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Night Lights...So Sad to See You Go

Obviously, if you have read more than one post on here, you already know how I feel about Tim Riggins (I love him) but that is not all I am going to write about. This show is simply the best show on TV. That is a bold statement and my opinion but only one other show can make me laugh and cry in the same episode (Parenthood which by the way has the same exec. producer). This show makes me want to live in Texas (That and I have visited it three times and fell in love with everything about it. Someone once said, everything is bigger in Texas so I think with my big hair and big mouth, I'd fit right in.) and raise my kids in Texas and go to football games in Texas.

Coach and Tami: The marriage between Eric and Tami is enviable. The way it is portrayed is so real. Tonight when they were fighting about their Christmas tree being a Texas tree and not a Philadelphia tree and then the doorbell rings and Eric yells for Tami to answer it and she gives him a dirty look and then he says, "I'll help you answer it. I wouldn't want you to strain yourself," I laughed out loud. When he was describing the maturity it takes to be married and Tami was looking on trying to hold it together because Eric wasn't doing any of what he expected Matt and Julie to do, I felt her pain. I am glad he was the one to give in. I love that he let it be her turn. After the way the Panthers treated him, I was happy that he didn't go back. Loved when he told Tami about Julie and he was yelling and she said, "Why are you yelling at me?! I think we agree on this!" Loved the scene with him and Tim and him and Jess and him and Vince. Just love him and wish that he was really a coach and would coach my boys.

Matt and Julie: I am a sap and like things tied up with a neat little bow so I was okay with this storyline. Some of the best scenes for me with this show were between Landry and Matt so I was happy they got one last one. Loved the scene with Grandma.

Becky and Luke and Becky and Mindy: Again, I am a romantic at heart and I loved his apology scene. I think the scenes with Mindy and Becky were real and I love how it played out. You could feel how much Mindy grew to love Becky and once she got over the whole Tim thing, I did too. I don't get how others from previous seasons got scholorships but there were none for Luke. The army is an admirable choice and I could see him being the kind of guy he is doing that but I still wished he got a scholorship.

Vince, Tinker and Hastings: I'll be honest. I didn't allow myself to get too invested in these characters because Vince's storyline seemed pretty predictable and Tinker and Hastings were never really developed. I loved Tinker on the Super team but what about Hastings? In case you don't know who that is, it is the "pretty boy" who I think could have been the less troubled Riggins replacement (not that ANYONE could replace him).

Tim and Tyra: I was not a Tim and Tyra fan. I was a Tim and Lyla fan but because the writers took Tim where they did, I am totally fine with how it ended. I think if Lyla came back, he would have ended up worse off than he was. He had fallen so far from where he was when he dated her that it would have been hard to watch the two of them. I'm still mad that last season when she came back, he didn't go with her and try and get a job as a mechanic or something. If Taylor Kitsch had to be gone for most of the season, why didn't they just say he went with Lyla? I loved how Tim wasn't so brooding in season 3. I loved him brooding in seasons 1 and 2. The poor guy was just looking for someone to not let him down and never found it. Maybe he'll find it with Tyra. I like how they ended their storyline. I cracked up when Tim said, "I'll never do anything illegal again. Guaranteed," and then opened a beer. He's supposed to be Matt Saracen's age and Matt said he was 19. I will watch and pay for movies that Taylor Kitsch is in forever. I didn't enjoy The Bang Bang Club as a movie but I still watched it.

I will miss this show but luckily I have 4 seasons of it on DVDs so I should be good anytime I want to revisit it.


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