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Monday, August 29, 2011

TV Shows I Hated to See End

Gia woke up at 3:00am this morning. I can't wait until she starts feeling better. I couldn't fall back to sleep after I got her to go back to sleep so I ended up watching television. I watched the finale (again!) of Sex and the City and it got me thinking. I really miss that show. I loved every bit of it, the friendships, each of the women, the men that they dated or loved, Carrie's career. All of it. I DVR the reruns on E! and never get tired of rewatching. That got me thinking of all the other shows I have loved and lost because they ended.

Starting when I was younger, I used to love Happy Days and Welcome Back Kotter. I was a sucker for Joanie and Chachi (though he was my sister's true love so I didn't have a thing for Scott Baio...just loved the love story) and what girl didn't love Vinnie Barbarino?

A show that I used to watch with my Nana and even now it's another show I watch all the reruns to is Golden Girls. I think the reason this show appealed to me was the friendship hook. I used to imagine my friends and me still friends when we are older. Now watching it makes me feel close to my Nana who passed away when I was 21 (way too young to lose someone you love that much).

Two shows that I know I was not alone in hating that they were ending was Seinfeld and Friends. I didn't like the way Seinfeld ended but loved the way Friends did. Again, two shows that have friendships at the core of their shows. My favorite character on Friends was Rachel so any episode that centered around her was a favorite (though Ross, Chandler and Joey made laugh as well). Elaine was my favorite character on Seinfeld ("Maybe the Dingo ate your baby.") so it is no surprise that I loved....

The New Adventures of the Old Christine: I started watching this show when it had already ended and some of the smaller channels picked up the reruns. This show makes me laugh out loud and I am sad that it isn't on anymore and that nothing on TV makes me laugh like that. I can relate to how overwhelmed she sometimes gets with life and how sometimes a little wine helps (though my drink of choice would be a margarita). Her brother makes me laugh out loud as well. Such a good show.

King of Queens: My whole family watches these reruns. I loved the way this one ended but hated that it ended at all. I think Kevin James is hilarious and would laugh watching him do anything. Doug and Carrie's relationship wasn't that far off from Leo and mine so I found a lot to laugh about. Once in awhile I'll tell Leo, "I basically married a skinny Dough Heffernan."

The Sopranos: Leo and I watched two shows together and this was one of them. Besides the fact that I am Italian and the show was a huge conversation piece at our Sunday dinners so if you didn't watch, you were lost in the conversation, I found Tony to be a bad guy that I rooted for. I loved Carmella's character and like most, hated how it ended.

Oz: This was the other show and I could have left it out because why in the world did I watch that show? It's the same with Law and Order SVU.  The topics are grisly, hard to hear and uncomfortable to watch and yet, I can't help but be glued to the TV and interested in the characters. I did have a crush on O'Reilly (the smart brother) and funny how he ended up on SVU which is how I got hooked on that show. Darn crushes. I hated that series ending, too. What is with HBO not tying up any storylines before
they end a show?

I watched ER when Carol left to be with Doug and in my opinion that was one of the best season endings but it wasn't the series ending. I stopped watching ER and Grey's Anatomy after we found out Nico had CF and after Rocco died. Too much medical stuff was happening in my real life. I didn't want to watch while I was trying to escape. Once in awhile I'll watch Grey's on Lifetime but then I'm reminded why I stopped.

I'd love to comment on Lost because I loved that show but can't until after Christmas when I get the last season on DVD. No idea what was going on in my life at the time that I couldn't watch the show on my DVR but somehow, I didn't.

I can't write this post without mentioning my all time favorite: Friday Night Lights. I am so sad that it isn't on anymore. I loved this show (I know) and I know they stayed on longer than they thought they would but I wish they would have developed the new characters. I wish the old ones would have come back. I loved Eric and Tammy's portrayal of marriage and it didn't hurt having to look at Taylor Kitsh once a week. I am fine with how it ended though I wish they would have tied up Lyla's least a mention to what she is doing besides just going to college.

I'm sure there are more that I didn't mention: Laverne and Shirley, Three's Company, Ally McBeal, Knot's Landing but that is only because I can't remember how they ended and there aren't any reruns of them on now.

Looking forward to my favorite coming back: Parenthood and the show Up All Night looks promising. I heard that there is a new football show coming on so I plan on checking that out.

I know...I watch too much TV but if that is one of my only vices, then so be it. :)


At August 29, 2011 at 10:39 AM , Blogger Kendra Mareva said...

Ah, yes. There will never be another Seinfeld, Friends, The Sopranos, Lost and Sex and the City. Those were some of my faves too.


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