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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update on Belle and a Judgemental Cleaning Lady

I think I forgot to do this. Her wrist isn't broken. This could have gone under the same post as the one a few days ago about doctors. Urgent care said it was broken at the wrist and around the thumb. My sister took her to the orthopedic surgeon (one that has seen Nico and whose wife helped me immensely when Rocco died and whose kids have played baseball on the same team as Nico) and he said it is not broken. It's a bad sprain and the thumb is badly bruised. If it still hurts her in two weeks, I have to take her back and they'll cast it. I thought for sure I could bet my house that she was going to say it still hurt in two weeks (especially because she told me, "I think it is still going to hurt in two weeks.") but yesterday after cheerleading practice, she said it was starting to feel better and today she asked if she could not wear the brace (my answer was that she had to wear it for the two weeks). So happy that her love of cheerleading trumps her love of complaining and hypochondria.

I have a love/hate relationship with my cleaning lady. If you are a regular reader of the blog, this is not big news. I love that she comes but I hate getting ready for her and the way she makes me feel. I realized recently that the best cleaning ladies are the ones that aren't judgemental. Mine is judgemental and with the way she is cleaning the house lately, has no room to judge. I even asked for this lady because she was nicer than the last one. The last one wasn't judgemental, just not very nice. I felt like she hated us. Looking back, I think that was just her personality. This one is very sweet to Gia but over the last few weeks, it has not been good. She told me she had a friend who was very poor that was having a baby and could use some of the things Gia has outgrown (carseat, swing, clothes). I was taken aback but I hate thinking of people needing things and not being able to afford them so I gave her some stuff. Most of it was given to me and I am not really at liberty to give it away but I did come up with some stuff. Two weeks later when she came back, I gave her two outfits that still had tags on it that were the wrong season for Gia and she replied, "You have SO much stuff. SO much clothes." I explained that I didn't buy all of it and that most was given to me and she said, "Oh." I got the feeling she didn't believe me. Since then, things have gotten thrown away that shouldn't have (parts of Gia's sippy cups) even though they were put away, I haven't been able to find cleaning supplies that I knew were more than half full (I know they are here, just no idea where she puts them), the floor has been sticky and the dusting has fallen by the wayside. All of this makes me mad at myself that I wasn't motivated or better at cleaning my own house. It would save money and grief. The reality is that I LOVE having a cleaning lady and think I need a new one. Anyone have one that they can recommend?

Mini-update from yesterday: Apologies were said all around. I was clearly not in a good frame of mind with not feeling well (I realized this when I got winded shopping at Target, accidentally made the wrong Hamburger Helper, got Tommy ready for a practice he didn't have and did it all while still trying to break a fever) and told the kids I was sorry. They said they were sorry for not helping me out more and that they'd try. Notes were at the kids places at the table with what they had to do before bed. Notes were there this morning with things that had to be done before school. Pill boxes were bought and used. No one missed the bus and no one left crying. Now I am waiting for the doctor to call to let me know when I can bring Gia in because she is not any better. I would call this a successful day so far.


At August 26, 2011 at 5:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

AnnMarie -

A cleaning lady is supposed to make your life easier, not more stressful! Find someone else. Remember you are paying her to do a job and you are the employer.


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