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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Am I On Candid Camera?

My day yesterday was CRAZY! I had every intention of going through the kids' clothes and put away the shorts (leaving out one or two because I do live in Chicago where one day it is 40 degrees and the next it is 75). Gia became more and more miserable as the day went on and I could tell she was moving from "bad cold" to full blown sick. I called the doctor at 1:00 when I couldn't take one more minute of her miserableness. The nurse called back at 1:30 and said she'd talk to the doctor and call me back to tell me if he wanted to see her or just call in meds. I didn't hear back until 5:30 that he thought what I thought and that was that she was battling a sinus infection. He said he was going to call in meds for her. I know how lucky I am that my doctor knows my kids that well where he calls meds in. I will stay with him forever because I know how lucky I am. That being said, the events that followed could have been on a sitcom. Maybe in another world there was a studio audience laughing their behinds off but I was not. I went to Target to pick up the meds a half hour after the doctor called me. I had a roast in the oven that was due to be out by 6:30. I had to leave Gia with Nico and Tommy: one brother that is easily distracted by Facebook, his phone and Madden on Xbox and another who loves to aggravate her until she screams. I went to the counter and asked if it was ready. The guy said he hadn't gotten anything. I didn't panic. I said I had some shopping to do and would check back. I checked back 10 minutes later and still nothing. I got myself a hot chocolate and tried not to worry about the kids and the roast (isn't that how some bad Lifetime movies start?). I went back and the guy said he just got it and give them 20 minutes. I called Nico, asked how everything was going and told him to take the roast out of the oven. He asked if he could put Gia to bed meaning she was really crabby (the answer was no). I ended up spending about $50 more than I should have, went back and the pharmacist told me there was a mistake (of course there was) and that they needed to page the doctor. She told me to go home and she'd call when it was ready. Complete (expensive) waste of time.

I went back home to find that Nico did not take the roast out of the oven (anyone need a catcher's mitt), gave Gia a bath and got ready to put her to bed without her medicine. I did my fair share of yelling because in the short time I was gone, the boys destroyed the kitchen and family room. Belle came home from practice, Target called and said the meds were ready so back out into the rain I went. I got the meds and bought pizza from the Pizza Hut cafe in Target and back home I went. I was able to get a dose into Gia but I came home to more mess (even though I said I wanted it clean before I came home) and Tommy coughing like an old man who has smoked two packs a day. How does someone have CF and not know how to cough? It is the most annoying bark/yell cough that I have ever heard and he was up all night with it so now I'll have to call the CF doctor and have his antibiotic refilled. No one is well here. Everyone has sinus issues going on. Leo keeps texting me that he is not well and I want to say, "At least you are not well by yourself. I am not well with 4 other people, all of whose needs come before mine." It was 11:30 before I fell into bed. The laundry was done, the house was put back together and everyone was asleep. At least I thought. It was 11:45 when Tommy woke up, did a treatment and crawled into my bed. Luckily, Gia slept through the night.

This morning has been a "Yelling" morning. I have woken everyone up at least 5 times (I really hate that), yelled to get out of the shower, yelled to get downstairs, yelled that it is too cold for shorts, yelled that I am sick of having to remind everyone to take their pills that are right in front of them and yelled, "Goodbye! Have a GREAT day!"

I was checking  my email when I got an email from my sister that I don't get to see or talk to very often and opened it. We are always talking about ways to make money or advancements in CF so I didn't think anything of the email that said, "Ann, you need to check this out and get back to me." It was a link to a news reports so that is what I thought it was. It was and I replied to her that my brain was mush and I'd send it to Leo to look at. Two minutes later, another one came with the same link and a "See you around." That was odd. Now I think it was a virus and I sent her a reply so if you get anything funny from me, don't open it. I hate mornings that start this way.

On a separate note, I am on a hunt for Power Bars: Cookies and Creme. Nico and Tommy love them and they are a great way for them to add extra calories. I can only find them at Jewel and they are pretty expensive (almost $2 a bar). I found them online but shipping is steep. If anyone sees them anywhere, can you drop me a note? I am also looking to rent a dumpster to get rid of my deck and everything in my store room. If anyone knows of a cheap one, let me know.

Cleaning lady is coming and again, I should be less stressed...but am not. Does anyone else feel like somewhere someone is watching them and laughing? Like I am my own Truman Show or Stranger Than Fiction? There are too many moments to count when I fully expect someone to jump out and say, "You are on Candid Camera!"


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