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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I finished the boys' room! It was a huge job that took the better part of yesterday. Nico asked me if we could do it and knowing he wanted to get it done motivated him to help. Nico has the most clothes out of anyone. It's easy to figure out why. First, he is very clear on what he wants. Second, he is growing at an enormous speed so outgrows the ones he has pretty quickly (I'd be lying if I said this bothered reassures me that he is just like every other, normal, healthy 8th grader). Third, I don't have to feel guilty that there are hand me downs that he could be wearing so I shouldn't be buying him new clothes so the buying experience is a lot more gratifying. I have way too many bins of clothes for Tommy when he finally fits into them but am just not able (or have a desire to) go through the clothes and choose what to keep and what to donate. I have no idea what his taste in clothes will be in the coming years so in the store room they have gone.

What Nico and I wanted to accomplish was to give the boys more space in their room. There was no way to do that without getting rid of some of the bigger pieces. When we bought their bedroom set before Gia was born, it was with the intent to bunk them. We bought a really nice bunk bed set (more of a loft/bunk) that had a desk on one side and a book shelf/dresser on the other. Then we added a tall dresser because we are more dresser people than closet people. We were idiots. Changing sheets with bunk beds is the BIGGEST hassle. With the boys having CF, two things come into play. The first is that they sweat a lot when they sleep. A LOT! If I leave it (which is admittedly gross...and admittedly have done), it smells up the room pretty fast. The other is that I read on a CF message board that an older man that had it really felt that he stayed healthy by doing (this), (this) and (this) and one of the things was changing his sheets everyday so he wasn't sleeping in his own sweat and dirt. For some reason, this stuck with me and though on nights when they don't sweat too much, I don't change them, I have bought into this practice. Those two things and bunk beds do not mesh well at all. The beds were bunked for awhile because the boys swore they would help but after the hundredth fight, I had enough and we took them apart. That left a very crowded room.

I am happy to say that Nico and I did it. We tried to get Leo to help but he is really, really stubborn and wanted it his way (we wasted an hour arguing over whether or not to bunk them's easy to want to when you aren't the one changing the sheets). I wanted to do the room the boys' way since it was their room and I felt that if they had invested in doing it, they would be more apt to keep it clean. Nico and I moved all of the furniture, got rid of two big pieces (one to donate, the other in storage) cleaned out the closet and drawers, threw away or donated stuff and now they have a ton of space. Everyone (except maybe Leo) went to bed happy (really late, but happy).

The Cancer Federation is coming today to pick up the tons of stuff we donated and Amvets will be here on Monday for the overflow. I have boxes and crates of books ready to be sold (I need Leo's help to do that because there are a lot and they are heavy which scares me that it will take forever to get done). My closet and the kitchen are the only ones left. I'll tell you how bad of a time I am having doing my closet: I chose exercising, something I do not enjoy, rather than work on it. I broke in the treadmill. I said I was only going to see how it worked and only walk for 10 minutes. Well, 25 minutes later, I was still walking and watching TV. All to avoid cleaning my closet. Pretty sad.

Anyway, some progress is better than no progress. Tomorrow I will do my thankful post and hopefully, "I am thankful that my closet is done" will be on there.


At November 24, 2011 at 9:02 AM , Blogger Kendra Mareva said...

Wow, you are making progress! Congrats!
And Happy Thanksgiving! :o)


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