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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mickey Will Not Go Away

I don't know if word around the animal world in Winfield got out that Leo was going on a business trip (next week) but guess who is back?? Yesterday morning, Nico came upstairs after doing his treatment and announced that there was a dead mouse in the basement (a place in this house I no longer go). True to form, I freaked out. I started yelling for Leo to get out of bed and take care of it to which his response was, "We caught one? Good." Good??? How in the hell is that good? Because it is a dead one and not a live one? At 9:00 on the dot, I called Orkin and explained my frustrations. The lady said that it might have taken the last three weeks (where we have seen NO SIGNS) for this mouse or his little friends to find a new way or make a new way into the house. Now, I don't live on the prairie path or have my yard back up to it. I live on one of the busiest streets in our subdivision. Someone tell me, why, why, why, when there are much bigger and nicer houses, are they coming here??? There is NOTHING in our basement anymore that would attract mice. The kids don't eat down there since the clean-up. Everything is in bins. I asked that question to Jimmy, who by this time, Gia is going to start thinking is her daddy he is here so often, and he said the only thing down there is the insulation and I can't get rid of that. He said they are just as confused as we are. Isn't that great? My situation has managed to confuse the professionals.

Because they are so confused, he said as a last resort he put down bait stations. At first that sounded very promising in getting rid of this problem but then he explained that they go in the little box, take the bait and then come out to die. WHAT???? I actually teared up feeling sick when I asked, "So, you put one in my pantry. Does that mean that I could come downstairs in the morning and find a dead mouse?" His answer was, "Yes, you might see dead mice but the stuff makes their droppings green and the hope is that we'll see a path from where they are coming in." Well, he didn't see any droppings yesterday so I am not sure what green droppings will do and I think I scared him with my reaction because I was and still am freaking out. I made Leo move the one in the pantry to the garage. I can't live like this. This morning I was afraid to get up with Nico and only went downstairs after he'd been down there thinking if there was a dead one, he'd have told us. I would like to pack up my things and go stay at a nearby hotel but it's not in the budget (thanks to Leo's freaking used car, travel baseball and his Alaska trip) and really not realistic. If any neighbors are out there reading this and have found a mouse or mice, please send me a message or somehow let me know. It would make me feel so much better to know I am not the only one. It's a sad and depressing thought that I am going to live in this house forever. I want to move more than anything but who is going to buy this house? Certainly not anyone that reads the blog (and I know that is my own fault). Even more depressing is that if the scary bait stations are the last resort, does that mean if they don't work, I am destined to share this house with Mickey and his friends forever?

Before you think or say that I should get a cat, I, along with Nico and Tommy are severely allergic.


At February 24, 2012 at 7:15 AM , Blogger lamb said...

we have had problems this past year as well. haven't seen them in awhile but we had trouble getting rid of the little critters too. they keep making little holes and coming in through our sunroom. I feel like they started once our dog was gone. thinking very hard about getting another one! I feel your pain. let me know if they figure something out.

At February 24, 2012 at 3:32 PM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

Thanks, Lori for making me feel better. I thought about getting an older dog since I can't really see adding a puppy to the chaos but I am allergic to most dogs. :(


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