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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back to the Land of the Living

Leo came home on Friday at midnight. My internet died on Friday night. For the life of me, how did I get along without it before we had it? What did I do with my free time? My cleaning lady was here on Friday, so I didn't even have to clean my house. I did catch up on laundry. There is only so much hide and seek you can play with a toddler and she will only sit for one book. I can recite Beauty and the Beast because I have seen it about a thousand times in the last 5 days. It's pretty scary when you find yourself actually "feeling" for the Beast and wanting him to kick Gaston's behind. I did write a lot in my book, both scenes that are extra and on the computer. I watched Friday Night Lights (because I have all but one of the seasons on DVD). I went to one basketball game and to my mom's but not having a computer didn't really force me to go out of my house like most family members (and friends) that have voiced that concern would think. It's funny to me how much the rest of the world assumes that everyone has computers. Teachers assign homework online, dance classes make you order shoes online, insurances make you find eye doctors online and park districts that you don't get books for make you register online. I called a neighboring park district and asked about glasses for Gia and they were very annoyed by the fact that I couldn't get online. I wanted to tell them to get in line behind me and the other people annoyed. I did go to my parents' house and use theirs but we all know how the computer can suck you in and I really only had time to find an eye doctor and order Belle's dance shoes. Thanks, Leslie G for your offer. I didn't get to take you up on it but it was very sweet of you to even offer.

Either Murphy loves me or hates me because his law lives and breathes over here and really won't go away. Jimmy came to check the house on Friday. He put the old fashioned traps near the bait stations because he knows how afraid of the mice I am so this way, they would take the poison, get dehydrated and get the food on the old fashioned ones and get caught without me having to see them. I loved that idea. He saw no dead ones and minimal activity in a spot where we would have to tear down a wall to get to (I'm about ready to give him a sledgehammer). He left and I swear, ten minutes later, my nephew and Tommy came running up the stairs yelling that there was a mouse in a trap by the television (glue trap so right in the open). I don't know what bothers me more about that. At first I was mad at Jimmy for not seeing it but then Nico, who thankfully stopped home to shower before heading back out and one of my good friends who I happened to be on the phone with and was in the neighborhood stopped by to take care of it, said it was still alive, I the boys were playing loudly downstairs and that mouse was wandering around making its way to that trap. ICK!!! Needless to say, the basement is a place that I seriously will not go in again. All the lovely Easter decorations...not going up this year. My question is at what point is Leo going to get mad enough to call and say he isn't paying because we are still dealing with this problem 5 months later? I am there but because Jimmy has now become a family member, I can't be mean to him.

A short funny story about Gia: I was at Walmart and came across the posters. I told Tommy and Gino not to think I was weird but I wanted to see if there was a John Carter poster. I wasn't going to buy it...I just wanted to see if there was one. Meanwhile, while walking through the store, Gia was putting various things in the cart. There were a few toys, some chips, a movie and a pair of shoes that I had to take out. While the boys and I were looking at the posters, Gia was behind us looking at books. I heard a big thump and saw that she threw a book in the cart. There was no poster of John Carter so I went to the cart and guess what was in there that my adorable little two year old put in there? The John Carter book with Taylor Kitsch on the cover! The three of us stood in shock. I looked at her and asked, "What did you put in here?" She pointed and said, "Hot." Hmm....what a little sponge she is. Funny that that the "ABC's" and "Binkies are for babies" fall on deaf ears but when the trailer for John Carter comes on and I say, "Man, he is hot", that sticks? For those wondering, I bought the book. :)

My very vague, cryptic comment that I will explain at some point but are my wise words of the day: Just because something is common or happens a lot, doesn't make it any less scary.


At March 8, 2012 at 4:58 AM , Blogger Kendra Mareva said...

Hahahahahahaaahaaahhhh! Oh my gosh, that is so funny! And CUTE! Like mother, like daughter. :D

At March 8, 2012 at 8:11 PM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

I think I might have created a monster. She now walks around saying, "Tim Riggins. Hot." I think it is funny that she will sit and watch FNL with me and hug me really tight when he comes on the screen. She might not look like me but she is ALL me! :)


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