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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Few Annoyances

The first reason I am in a foul mood on this beautiful day is that we got rid of the ants, haven't seen a mouse (I hope I didn't just jinx it) but now I am in a war with the bees. In March! I love this weather but it seems every bee that had been dormant in or around this house is flying around. I look like a complete idiot chasing and swatting all over the place. I scared Gia when I saw one fly at her and grabbed her and ran. To say I am not at one with nature is a HUGE understatement. I want to just enjoy the weather and not fight with the bugs or critters. Is that too much to ask?

I had great plans of taking Gia to the park today. On my way out the door, the school called. Tommy was looking "droopy". His allergies were bothering him this morning but he was FINE! I said I'd bring him Benedryl and the nurse seemed shocked that he wasn't on Claritin or Zyrtec. He is on about 90 other pills so that might be why. I had no intention of bringing him home. Now if Nico called me, that would have made much more sense since he was up coughing ALL night. When the weather doesn't know what it wants to do, as much as I enjoy the warm weather in March, it is wreaking havoc on the boys. I arrived at school and heard all about how Tommy couldn't possibly be faking. He never goes home and never milks it when he doesn't feel well so he must really be feeling bad. Fine...I get it. I felt like a terrible parent leaving him there so I brought him home. Well, I ran a few errands and then I took him home. When I paid for three classes at the park district, they let me know that no one else is signed up for any of the classes I signed up for so they might be cancelled. Shocking (dripping with sarcasm). So annoying.

Voting was another errand and it struck me as odd that schools are a polling place. The doors were locked to the school and only the office part was open but it seemed strange to have a ton of adults parading through a school. It was interesting trying to vote with Tommy and Gia. Tommy kept yelling out people's names and asking why I was voting for him/her. He then would say, "Do this person. They have a cooler name." There you go folks, the next generation is going to vote based on how cool the name sounds.

Tommy's allergies really are bad but I thought it was a little fishy that Tommy wanted to come home and sure a true Gubenko...they can't keep much to themselves for long. He sobbed that he hates the math class that he is in and he doesn't understand how he and his friend got the same score with the same ones wrong and his friend is in the "higher class". I have said it before and I still believe it: splitting up kids this early does nothing other than kill their self esteem. Tommy's exact words, "Even if they split up the people because some know it and some don't, don't they get that the ones that don't get it are still going to feel bad?" Why? Why? Why do they insist on doing this in 4th grade? I asked him when he found out the class he was in and he said this morning when he got to school and then I asked if he had math yet and he started crying and said no. He is now crying downstairs and I'd love the teachers to know that while research might prove that "ability teaching" works, it is killing math for one of their students. Oh and guess what? Belle got in the "high" class which means there will be tears tonight at homework as well. God, I LOVE having kids in school!

I can only stick my head in the sand for so long before I have to admit there is a problem and I reached my limit last night while driving home from Barnes & Noble (no words to really express how much I absolutely LOVE that place but I do wish it wasn't so freezing in there) and I couldn't see.  I really thought my eyes just needed to adjust and am still hoping that is what he says but it has been a week and I still feel off (like I have two contacts in one eye). It took me over 10 years to go to the eye doctor and when I finally do go, I see worse than I did before I went! So I am waiting for the doctor to call me back which means I'll have to get a sitter again so that I can sweat it out trying to decide if "better here or here?" Obviously, I didn't do it right the first time since I have ended up with one blurry eye and one clear one. My glasses and contacts have already been ordered so that will push that back as well. So frustrating.

Not to finish this off on a "glass half-empty" note but Gia just woke up after only a half hour nap so it looks like an afternoon of Beauty and the Beast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (on a half screen, of course).


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