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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting Back Some Control

I post here a lot about the challenges of raising a teen and twins and a toddler and today's post will be along those lines. Why does my eighth grader, soon to be 14 year old think that Spring Break is all about him? He didn't even want to go to Florida to see Leo's mom because he wanted to stay here because most of his friends didn't go away. Really? The need to hang out with friends is that strong that you don't want to go away on vacation? It is Monday and already, I want to lock him in his room. Why can't we moms of these boys collectively say, "No more sleepovers"? It wouldn't be a rant on teens and Spring Break if I didn't talk about sleepovers. My God...that one word makes my stomach and head hurt. I don't understand why it isn't enough to hang out all day, everyday? Don't they get sick of each other? Right now, this is what's been happening: Fridays come and I get a call that they are walking home. They stop at one of the houses, I am sure eat that family out of house and home, then walk to a neighborhood hot dog place or ice cream place, eat again and then end up at one of the parks in one of the neighborhoods. I've had my share of them being here which I really, really don't mind. I only care at 10:00pm when they start bugging me for a sleepover. By that time, they have played basketball or video games or I've had to make sure they aren't causing any trouble at the park for six hours and I am ready for them to go home. If they do sleep here, then I have six boys still here, awake until about 2:00am and then asleep in my basement until about 11:00am and then...THEY ARE STILL HERE IN THE MORNING! I like being the house that they can come hang out at and I don't even mind making them food. I used to hear stories about how much food teenage boys could eat but I never believed it and let me just say....whoa. I just don't understand why they can't hang out until late and then go to their own houses?

Well, I am taking back control. I want Nico to come home after school, drop off his stuff, have something to eat and then meet back up with his friends. As far as sleepovers go, last night was my last one to house. Let me explain a little bit more of why I hate them so much. Besides the normal dislikes that everyone has, it is not good for Nico's health to sleep anywhere but his own bed. First, they usually sleep in basements which are damp and musty. With the weather not knowing if it wants to be hot or cold, Nico's cough and allergies are not great. Basements make it worse. When you add on that they don't sleep, their resistance goes even lower. If they are not sleeping, they are eating and the enzymes are not an exact science and he can only have 18 a day. All of that together means that I will have a tired, coughing, son that will spend most of the next day miserable and in the bathroom. Do they ever reach a point when they realize they are better off sleeping at their own houses in their own beds?

The twins...ah...the twins...King and Queen of "Whatcanwedoland". "Who can I call?" "When can I get a sleepover?" "Nico hangs out with his friends all the time, why can't I?" Going to Florida and dealing with all that I have to deal with there or staying here and dealing with this. I am in a lose/lose situation. By the way, I got a reminder yesterday of why we stayed home this year. There is a reason why texting is sooo much better than actually talking. Dreading the summer already. I have taken back control and have perfected every different way of saying "no" and not just to my children. dear, sweet husband, Leo. He scheduled a business trip this week. How incredibly lucky for him to plan an escape the week that his children drive his wife to the edge. Great job, Honey.

On another note, I am taking back control of the whole tumbling thing. I sent Isabella to another gym for their flip flop clinic and she loved it! The other gym never called. Belle went to one class and the instructor said she had her back flip without a spot and after a few more should move up to the advanced class. It's awesome when you get individual attention and a new point of view. Isabella was so excited that she begged me to send her again. We might have shot ourselves in the foot if she wants to do competitive cheer because where we are taking her now doesn't have a cheer squad. Maybe I can strongly encourage her to concentrate on dance and stick with the tumbling so that if she still wants to cheer later on, she will still have the skills.

Taking control of the exercising thing: Zumba DVD from eBay came today. Knee or no knee, I am starting it today!

Two days in and I realize there is not enough margaritas in the world to take the edge off this "going nowhere" break. Though tonight, I am going to dinner to celebrate one of my bff's birthdays so I am sure going to try.


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