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Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Some Changes and a Great Weekend

I am doing Weight Watchers. I think I said on here why I didn't want to do it but with my knee not being reliable, I have to do something. I am excited to start. I was going to do it online but supposedly our insurance has an interactive "WW type program" but when Leo and I looked, we couldn't find it and with websites like Spark People that are free, I couldn't justify the cost. I bought a start up kit from eBay for $36 and I can't wait to get it. The last time I did WW, I lost a lot of weight after Gia. I don't know why I stopped. I think it was because I had a hard time getting my points in which when you think about it, doesn't make sense or does to people that are smart about nutrition and food which I am not. I am also in a bidding war for a few Zumba DVDs. This way I don't have to rely on my unreliable computer. I figure by the time I actually get them, my knee will be strong enough to do the workouts. It feels good taking control and making some changes. Wish me luck and if anyone else is doing it and wants to do the buddy/support system, let me know!

My leg is almost completely better. I am not sure if it was because of the ice and Advil or the 10 or so jello shots I did at a St. Patrick's Day party but I definitely have more mobility in my leg. Leo is convinced I sprained my knee. Others have said since I was kneeling, tendons or cartilage moved to where they weren't supposed to be. I still feel something that feels like a rubber band stretched to its limit but as long as I can walk, I think I am going to wait to see a doctor. I got the name of a sports doctor/chiropractor and might take the kids there for evaluations. At one point or another, someone is always moaning about aches and pains and since they are pretty active (and I am trying to be), it sounds like a good idea.

I want to thank everyone that gave me feedback through phone calls or emails regarding the last two posts. It makes me feel good to know people are reading, giving advice and venting along with me.

A big change over here is that for the first time in five or so years, we are not going away for Spring Break and I am feeling a little bummed about it. I know it would have been Hell to go see Leo's mom because of the age Gia is. Just thinking about taking her on a plane and the stress from all of us being in that house makes me sweat but I am starting to think that was the only break I was going to get this year. I was going to go to Vegas with Leo in June but of course, the weekend I had a babysitter (thank you so much don't have to do it but you get soooo much credit for almost doing it) is not the weekend the dumb poker club voted on. It's just another reason to resent the poker club and the cause of a lot of angry blogs in June, I am sure. Leo seems to think that his mom could babysit so I can go and I know technically she only has to keep everyone alive but I really don't think she wants to do it and I'm not sure she even can do it. She gets overwhelmed easily and only wants to spend time with the kids one on one. I think she told me one time that there was a good reason she only had one child but I might have come to that conclusion on my own. I want to get on a plane and go somewhere warm and I'd like to go with my girlfriends/sisters but we are all in the same boat: kids, schedules and money. I don't want to hear that it is 80 degrees in Chicago right now so why go away? It's not the same thing (Leo).

I had a great weekend in spite of poker and a bum leg. For those wondering, Leo did read the post and had a good laugh. While some of you might cringe at how harsh I can be, this blog really does open up a line of communication and seeing something in print makes it a little more official (unless I am writing "poker club" in which case, STILL NOT!) or more real  and diffuses some of the heat so to speak. You'll all be surprised to know that I finally got a new phone out of it. I am now a proud owner of a smart phone that I have no idea how to work so I am not sure why it is called that since it makes me feel pretty dumb.

I don't know why I fight Leo so much on going out, especially when it is both of us, because it was really nice having a night out. There is that moment out at a party when you catch a glimpse of your spouse and feel that zip of "Glad he's mine." Or the moment when he catches your eye and winks. I love that. I didn't even mind the, "Honey, how many of those jello shots have you done?" It made me all warm and fuzzy to know he was concerned...wait...that might have been the jello shots. I had a bunch of really great conversations with friends I enjoy so much but don't get to see very often since we all have very active kids. I laughed until my stomach hurt and woke up in the morning feeling great. They probably aren't because they were the husbands of the friends I was talking to, but for those reading that thought it was a party game to see how much the friend who never gets out could actually drink in one night, I won. I was fine.

A little funny from the night: We went to dinner before the party and since it was St. Patrick's Day, we were all doing a celebratory shot. The women had Bailey's and the men had tequila. Tequila is my favorite one to do so I traded (I like a shot that has a little something extra...salt...lime and we all know margaritas are my favorite drink). Some of the men thought I was bluffing so I showed them...I sprinkled the salt, did the shot, licked the salt and sucked on the lime. It tasted kind of funny but after a vodka and 7up, I thought maybe that was normal until I looked down and saw that I didn't sprinkle salt on my hand...I sprinkled Parmesan cheese. are allowed to gag because though I did the shot, kept it down and impressed the guys who didn't think I could do it, whenever I think about it, I gag a little myself.


At March 19, 2012 at 7:31 AM , Blogger Kendra Mareva said...

Sounds like you're really taking the bull by the horns on the whole fitness/nutrition thing. Good for you! :) I'm glad to hear your knee is feeling better.

At March 19, 2012 at 7:40 AM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

I'm feeling very "side-lined" by the knee but am going to start out slow by taking a few walks with Gia. We'll see how the rest goes and keep hoping for the changes.

At March 19, 2012 at 2:52 PM , Blogger Rock said...

Eventually I might take some of the poker club posts personally. Though your description some months ago about the club being a chance at points which might lead to a possiblity of being away from our wives (I am paraphrasing) was quite good. I may add it in to our bylaws for next season.

At March 21, 2012 at 6:43 AM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

Ha! Out from hiding to defend the poker club. I LOVE it! You are just one of the lucky ones that has a supportive wife. I used to be one of those until child #4 came along and the first three decided to do every sport known to man. I'm still trying to find a way to have a club of my own: spa club, margarita club... Writing club would be good but I am too chicken. I can't take a class anywhere because as you know Leo well, you know I'd never be on time for it. :)


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