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Some Tidbits: Tumbling and the Eye Doctor

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Tidbits: Tumbling and the Eye Doctor

I'm losing my ability to be nice to people that are rude or offensive. I was always taught to kill with kindness. Writing that doesn't sound nice but it has always worked for me. When someone is being a weenie, being nice to them makes them a bigger weenie. Well, I have lost that ability and yesterday, I was pushed to the point where someone pushed and I pushed back. I have vented on here about Isabella tumbling and it's reached new heights. She is usually in tumbling year round. She had the ability to do a back hand spring but since her wrist injury, she lacks the confidence to do it herself. She is frustrated because she wants it so bad and I am frustrated because she has been going for the last two or so years and still it escapes her. Tumbling is expensive. After the holidays, she took a break. It was me that wanted her to take a break and she and I were feeling a little burned out (she was in dance and had an art class and I was tired of always being on the go) so though she loved it, she didn't do the last session. I went to sign her up for this next session and she is now on a waiting list. It's fine. I get it. They are the only place around that offers tumbling classes and a competitive cheer squad that eventually Belle, much to my dismay, wants to do. What I don't like is being shamed because she took a break. I got a phone call and was asked if I was tied to the time I was asking for. I said it was due to a carpool and the assumption was made that I was carpooling for social reasons. It was said that other girls had gotten their back hand springs alone because they didn't take a break and since they weren't with their friends, they were more focused. I couldn't be quiet anymore. I stopped the conversation and said, "Hold on. While the girls in the carpool are friends, that isn't why we carpool. The moms help me out a lot because I have a two year old. Between all of us and our other kids, we help each other out so that our daughters are able to go. I get that some focus might be lost when there is a group of friends in the class but it is tumbling and they are 10 so it should still be fun. I understand that some skills are lost when they take a break and I don't know why others have but I do know and am not embarrassed to tell you that I have two boys in travel sports and this isn't the only thing Isabella does and since it isn't cheer season for her, financially, we needed to take a break. This is expensive to do year round." I wanted to add that I don't give a rat's ass who has their back flip and who does not and thought it was in poor taste to tell me and that I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why I didn't sign her up for the last session but I felt like it was known that I was aggravated and to say that would push it over the edge of being hostile. There was a lot of back peddling at that point about how tumbling is not like soccer where you can jump back in at anytime. I know that but she is 10! She's not an Olympic tumbler (I know the correct term is gymnast but I am trying to make a point here). I also heard that it would be sad to lose Isabella or have her be that much further behind because of waiting list issues. Lose her to what? There isn't anywhere else to go. Maybe there are other places but do they also offer cheer squads? With our lives being what they are, this place is conveniently close and is where everyone around here goes. If I look elsewhere, will I have to go far and if no one else goes there, I'm on my own for rides? Is it worth the aggravation? Well, I am already aggravated because there is obviously a huge demand for this because every class is full and the demand is not being met. Is the solution really that the kids can't ever take a break without risking getting back in? I said we'd switch times but there are waiting lists for all the classes. It makes me sad that she is a really good cheerleader and strong enough to be a base but because she can't do a back flip, her days are numbered. I say that because though high school is far away, competitive cheer is creeping up.  Maybe she'll just want to do dance and I just signed her up for a volleyball class (though it is sure to be pulled for low enrollment like the other classes at our park district) so she does have interests other than this. When talking to her about it, she said, "I really love all the things I do and want to keep doing them all." Immediately, I had a vision of money spewing from my wallet. By the way, I checked. That dance costume cost $75.

I'm finally going to the eye doctor. Do you think it is possible for them to check my eyes, give me prescriptions for glasses and contacts and send me on my merry way without some diagnosis of something life threatening? I can only hope. After getting the "Everything is okay, see you in six months" from the radiologist after the mammogram and ultrasound, I got a call from my doctor saying that I have "complicated, not simple cysts" and if I wanted to see a surgeon, that was another option otherwise he was fine with me waiting. What?! Why?! Why?! I know he has to cover his butt but if he knows me at all, he knows I won't sue him if it goes the other way in six months. He knows that just by telling me that, it poops on the relief I felt when the radiologist said, "It's fine. Come back in six months." The way I figure it, and if I am wrong, let me know, the radiologist sees these things every day. If he/she was concerned in any way, he/she would have sent me to a surgeon. If the radiologist is fine with me waiting six months, then so am I. Right?


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