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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break: Day 4

I'm going to give you a snapshot of what my day was like. I started it plunging a toilet after both boys decided to use it back to back. I was near tears because Leo usually takes care of stuff like that (now that I think about it, I've never had to plunge a toilet until today). While plunging and then wiping, I was saying, "I hate when your dad isn't here. I hate that he gets to travel even if it is for work. He's in stupid Canada and then he is going to stupid Vegas and then he is going to stupid Alaska* and I don't get to go anywhere (you know the standard feeling sorry for myself speech while wiping up bodily fluids). Tommy looked at me and said, "But, get to go to Wisconsin Dells!" I burst into tears** and then lied and thanked him and said they were happy tears. They were not.

The cleaning lady was coming (that alone is enough to cry happy tears) so we went to Cosley Animal Farm.
Technically it is called Cosley Animal Zoo but it is hardly a zoo. I think a zoo constitutes more than 15 animals. It was sweet to see how excited the older kids were watching how excited Gia was. Gia fed the ducks and had a blast running from animal to animal. The whole trip lasted less than an hour. It would have been more leisurely but it was a lot colder than we thought so it was more of a run through. After we left Cosley, we met my sister, Nikki for lunch at a new restaurant called Hibachi Grill. I was pleasantly surprised. The food was all you can eat and was really good. Gia ate better than she has in her whole little life. She had California rolls, Hibachi rice, zucchini tempura, fries, jello, and grapes. With all of us plus my sister, I thought it would be pretty pricey but to my surprise, it was only $37. Lately, I spend that much at McDonald's and this was much better food.

I tried to go to Target but my children morphed into complete brats on the way over. There was a sweat shirt in the car and Nico was cold so he grabbed it. He decided he didn't want it and threw it at Nikki (I think my kids think she is a toy because they are always goofing around with her), It fell in the parking lot and no one would pick it up. Tommy did and threw it at Belle. It fell again and I yelled at him to pick it up and stop throwing it. He did again and after he picked it up, I grabbed it but of course, my nail scratched him and the scratch bled a little. We entered the store and he was crying and yelling, "You made me bleed! I'm bleeding! Does it make you feel good to make your child bleed?" So many stares and Nico sensing that I was about to lose it, took Tommy to go look at the video games. Midway through shopping, I had to leave a cart full of groceries (not the first time) because Gia decided to throw a rip-roaring fit when I wouldn't let her get out of the cart. The Target by my house is a lot better at ignoring crying children than the Target I was at. You would think that these people have never seen a kid throw a fit. I wanted to sneer at one couple and tell them, "Sorry to have ruined your Target trip. I'm trying to get out of here!" Instead, I just kept saying loudly, "Everyone has seen a baby cry, Gia."

After that, I told Nico he was babysitting for two hours while I went to Barnes and Noble. I can't help it. I know I am a broken record but I love that place so much. Immediately, I felt better...calmer. Love it, love it, love it. I even talked Nico into staying home today so what started out as "one of those days" ended up being a pretty awesome day. It would have been better without the screams and stares but it felt so good the rest of the day to be with the kids and even get a small break that the fit is becoming a fading memory. Leo's coming home tomorrow, Gia is asleep and I'm about to go watch Impractical Jokers with the three older kids. Life is good.

*I, in no way shape or form think that Canada (home of Taylor Kitsch and Degrassi), Vegas (home to a dear friend of mine and actually one of my favorite places) and Alaska are stupid. I was only saying that out of total jealousy that I can't go.

** To my family that reads this, it isn't that I am not really looking forward to going to the Dells with you. I was more crying because of the baseball part and the memory of last year's trip. I know this year will be different. It has to be, right?

For those that aren't on Facebook, here are some pictures of our day. Sorry, I didn't get any of the Target fiasco.


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