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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Big Night Out

On Wednesday night, I got my well needed break. I took Nico to practice. Did I mention that Nico practices where an ex-boyfriend of mine works? If that isn't a reason enough to move further than ten miles from where you grew up, I don't know what is. I can't really pick Nico up in my standard pajama bottoms that could really pass for pants you could wear in public, no make-up and a goomba (for those that aren't familiar with that, it is an ugly half ponytaiil twisted into a scrunchie). I admit that I have hit an all time low for standards in how I will go out in public. It's a pain to pick Nico or Tommy up from there because I have to look okay without looking like I tried to look okay because I don't care how you ended with an ex, you don't want to look like you sometimes feel which is ragged and run down. You never want them to think, "Glad I dodged that bullet."

Anyway, I went to Barnes and Noble, which if I didn't say so already, is my favorite place to go and relax. I get a big hot chocolate and either sit at a table and write in one of my books or I browse the shelves. This time I was on the hunt for animal books for Gia and one on how to write short stories (I know you are laughing at that one but that is why I need a book). Since the ad thing didn't work out, I am going to try and do what I set out to when I started this blog and that is enter a few contests. A lot of them are for short stories so I was researching that. Yes, I did spend money on more books that I don't need but Gia looks so darn cute when she is sitting there looking like she is reading and yes I could give her a napkin and she can look like that but still...

I left there at 9:30 and decided that I really needed to make an appearance at Lifetime before they revoke my membership. On a sidebar, I did call them to find out when I didn't have to reserve a spot for Gia since that is what keeps me from going during the day and they said, "One." I got excited and they added, "and walking comfortably." I said, "See you in six months!" Anyway, at that time of night, it did feel a little more "meat markety" than normal. Remember the Zumba post? Well, LOTS of women were there in that get up (half shirt tank tops and tight pants) while I was in shorts, t-shirt and goomba. It was bizarre and to add to it, when I walked into the locker room, I went to a section where no one was using. All of the lockers were open and some girl, who knows nothing about personal space, walking very close to me, chose the locker right next to the one I chose. I wanted to laugh and ask her if it was a joke since there were 20 other lockers in that same section that were open, but she was totally serious. I went upstairs to the treadmills and found an older one that was surrounded by a bunch of empty ones so I could walk fast or run awkwardly alone and what do you know...the same girl went and got on the treadmill next to me. Shortest workout at Lifetime ever.

By the time I showered and left, it was close to 10:30. I debated going grocery shopping because it was either late and tired or early, tired and with Gia. I decided to go then and spent the next hour and a half at Meijer. I don't know what it is about places that are open 24 hours but the lighting in there makes you feel like it is in the middle of the afternoon and Meijer has things that Target doesn't (like black cheery Propel and hair products that swear they will tame the frizz and cute inexpensive clothes for Gia and most importantly, very tiny wine bottles that you can put in your purse to take to friends' houses). Did you know there is a whole herb aisle that promises to take care of anything that ails you? Before I knew it, it was midnight and I panicked. What was I doing in a store at midnight??? Why wasn't I asleep or at least at home? Then I looked around and there were some scary, weird people (and shockingly some kids) that shop at midnight and even scarier was the realization that I was one of them.


At March 19, 2011 at 8:02 AM , Blogger lamb said...

I cracked up at this one! the people at Lifetime are very interesting (and I use that term loosely) especially depending on the time of day. usually I go after work so it isn't too weird except for the woman that sit on the bench naked FOREVER and just don't care but one time I was off of work and when at 9am which at first I thought was good, less crowded and all that but for some strange reason at 10am when I was in the locker room and showering suddenly there were tons and tons of woman. where the heck they all came from was beyond me but they were just hanging around without a purpose. at least when I normally go after work people want to just get in, do their thing and get out. it was quite a different experience. also, I am always one of those late night shoppers at the Meijer and I always wonder how the time flies like that too! also, why the heck do people have their kids out that late???

At March 19, 2011 at 4:11 PM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

Uggghhh...the naked women that sit on the bench!!! I hate that and can't help but go, "Ew!" I ask myself the same question about the kids in the store at midnight.


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