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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finally Caught Up: TV

Top Chef: I am so happy that Richard won Top Chef! I liked the All Stars season. It was fun seeing a lot of the chefs back. Though I would be okay if I never had to see Marcel, Jamie and Jennifer. How uncomfortable was the argument between Elia and Tom Colicchio at the reunion?

American Idol: What the Hell happened???? I still don't have a stand out favorite but Pia goes home??? The thing that bugs me about American Idol is that they do this every year. At some point a fan favorite or even a judge favorite goes home (Constantine, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Tamyra Gray and now Pia) and Ryan gets up there and says, "This is proof, America, that you must pick up the phone and vote." It makes me think that America has very little to do with who stays and who goes. I refuse to watch American Idol in real time because I dislike Ryan so much. I fast forward through all of his parts. Something about him is so weasely (I don't even know if that is a word but it does fit him).

RH Orange County: Where is Jeana? I need someone to like on this show. I could stop watching but it is like a train wreck and I can't look away. Tamra and her new boyfriend and all their "Baby, this and Baby thats" are nauseating and really boring. I will say that the emotion she showed when she was going through her wedding things showed that she is human. I used to like her but this new Tamra is annoying. Gretchen thinking she has good comedic timing made me laugh out loud. I don't think she is funny at all. I think she is the most immature and with Tamra in the bunch that says a lot. Alexis and Peggy might as well be the same person. Vicki, Vicki, Vicki...I liked her last season but she is so unhappy at home and we hear about it every week. I feel bad for her family and her coworkers. I actually feel bad for anyone that has to deal with her. She is so controlling. Where are the brunettes? Is Fernanda a housewife?

RH Miami: What is up with Marysol's mom? I wish there was more of Cristy. I don't care if she did or didn't buy a ticket to Lea's fundraiser (she said she did) or what happened in her first marriage. I liked her and wanted to see more of her. The rest of them were just ehhhh. Adriana and all her sexiness just seemed slutty. I just don't like Lea.

RH New York: It's too early to form an opinion about this season but Jill still bugs me and I still think Kelly is nuts. I think Alex takes herself too seriously and modeling? Hmmm...I don't get it. I think Sonja should hang onto that guy and I wonder why it is complicated? Ramona with those job applicants was tough to watch. She thought she was being helpful but she was just mean. LuAnn and the new one are just far.

Sister Wives: This show is another one that I didn't want to watch but can't help myself. I am fascinated by this lifestyle because there is no way in Hell I would be okay being a sister wife. I mean, I would love the help but sharing Leo would never work. I can't get him to do things around my house. I can't imagine him having to oversee more than one. Plus, I inherited the jealous gene from my mom so for that reason alone, it wouldn't work. The kids seem incredibly well-adjusted and with each episode, I think Meri gets more and more sad or frustrated. She talks like she is okay but there is something in her tone and in her eyes that makes me think she is becoming not okay with her situation. The fact that she has dealt with infertility makes my heart hurt for her. I had to laugh ,though, when they were talking about their finances and how Janelle doesn't know how she's going to pay the bills next month and Kody got into a sporty, little Lexus. I'm an episode behind so that is all I have for this one.

America's Next Top Model: Still don't like Alexandria but really don't like Brittani. I am still rooting for Hannah and she might complain a lot but I still like Molly.

And finally, the biggest disappointment for me--Celebrity Apprentice:I wasn't sad to see Richard Hatch go. I was thrilled to see Dionne go. I'm sorry that Jose's dad is sick but wasn't sad to see him go, either but Mark McGrath? Why did he throw himself under the bus when it is clearly time for Gary to go home? With Gary there, it feels a lot like a circus which is why Trump keeps him around, I am sure. Still rooting for John Rich for the men and Marlee Matlin for the women.

Friday Night Lights is coming back to NBC this Friday, I think. I have already seen it on Direct TV but any chance to see Tim Riggins, I am going to take it.

I watch too much tv.


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