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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bachelorette and Other Shows

I am way behind with the shows I watch so this will be just my thoughts on a few.

The Bachelorette:While I don't enjoy all the drama with Ashley having such strong feelings for Bentley (the biggest jerk that has graced this show ever), I am enjoying the rest of this show. I read somewhere that the producers didn't want to show Ashely all the negative things Bentley said about her behind her back because it would interfere with the natural (Hah!) process. I disagree with that. If he was still there, maybe but he left and she can't stop thinking about him (which I do NOT get at all) so I think in all fairness to her and the remaining guys, she should be shown what a jerk he was and move on. I miss Trista and Ryan's season. There were no exotic locations, there was only drama with one guy and watching him get kicked off was satisfying (remember Russ the stalker guy?) and we got to see a love story unfold. I'd like to see that again. I think the lack of that happening in the last few seasons is covered up by the traveling all over the world. Anyway, I am probably in the minority but there is something about Ben F. that I am liking (now that I can tell him and Constantine apart). I can't put my finger on it but he reminds me of someone I know. I like that he is straight forward with how he feels and doesn't have a bunch of walls up. I think that is attractive in a guy. I once had a guy ask me who I liked (okay, I was probably 13) and when I said I wasn't sure but obviously liked him, he said, "Well, I like you." I fell hard for that one. I think Mickey is hot but I think his days are numbered. I was really liking J.P. and loved their stay at home date and then the kissing on the beach but there wasn't much of the two of them in this episode. Still see him as a front runner. Like the guys in the house, something about Ryan gets on my nerves too.

So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD): I love this show. It's too early for me to have a favorite. I do like Tadd, Clarice and the girl who had to dance with Robert because her partner was injured. I hate when the dancers try to be overtly sexy. I wish they would just dance. The one was one step shy of dancing on a pole.

The Voice: I have no idea what Blake was thinking except that I read somewhere that he felt that Jared Blake and Patrick didn't need The Voice and that the girls did. Did anyone else think it was strange that Cee Lo picked "Sex is on Fire" for Nakia and he has a lisp?

Housewives Franchise:b I don't even know what to say other than it has been a terrible display how women act. Orange County: I cannot stand any of them with Gretchen, Alexis and Tamra being the worst. In Alexis' attempt to stand by her man, she looks like a complete, delusional idiot. Gretchen and Tamra cancel each other out. New York: I am not caught up on this one so can't say much except I think the exposure that these women have gotten has made them all crazy. New Jersey: I'm sorry but Melissa and Joe have made it so that anyone that is on screen with them (with the exception of her sisters) look like decent, normal people. The whole singing Amazing Grace in the closet...give me a break...if that wasn't a shameless plug for a wanna-be singer, I don't know what is. She might have been pretty in the first episode before she opened her mouth but after that...a whole lotta ugly. What is with Joe's staring off into space look? I don't believe for one second that Melissa wants them to make up for the family. I think she sees Teresa as her ticket to stay on the show. Without their relationship, what is there?

I am watching Friday Night Lights but have a hard time commenting since I have already seen it on DirectTV. I hate the Tim is in jail storyline and can't believe they couldn't say he went to be with Lyla and then when he came back say it didn't work out. C'mon writers! Help a fan out!


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