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Monday, July 25, 2011

TV Updates

I have finally caught up. I have already admitted that I watch TV as an escape and this week that was especially true.  I was without my TV for a little bit, both because the power was out and then because the DirectTV boxes broke. It was a long 4 days.

The Bachelorette: I wasn't really an Ames fan and I always find the hometown dates very telling. Ames' sister knew right away that he didn't have a chance so when he was eliminated, I felt so bad that he looked shocked. I think Constantine has an adorable family and it seemed like she had more chemistry with them than Constantine himself but a part of me is growing to think he is cuter than I originally thought. I like the strong, silent type though so maybe that is why. I think it is going to come down to Ben and JP. Ben was my favorite but I wasn't digging the hair this week. I want JP to be more confident or something but I am sick of the "I could get hurt" theme to all of his conversations. What did he think was going to happen by going on this show? Not only could he get hurt but he ran the risk of being publicly humiliated. It's the nature of the show. With every episode he becomes a smaller and smaller man. Still think he is adorable and I see the chemistry but I just think the insecurity takes away from him. I can't wait to see who shows up and if it is Bentley, what a waste. Could it be Brad? To give advice maybe? And then the fighting with one of the men (JP?) and her's going to be a good episode.

Love in the Wild: Accckkkk!!! My kids were right! I am hooked! Not the most appropriate show for the kids (two of them showering together not the best example) so I DVR it and watch it later. I used to love Paradise Island and this show reminds me of that. I hated that while watching the eliminations, I felt nervous for the two couples that seem to be in it for the romance. I am a sucker for the romance. I thought Ben bringing Brandee breakfast in bed for her birthday was sweet and that he stayed with her instead of Erica. Steele...Steele...Steele...good thing you are cute because you are as dumb as a box of rocks. I didn't like Jessica and Jason came off as desperate so I wasn't sad to see them go. I don't know that I like that they are splitting up the couples but that is what I read they are going to do. Mindless entertainment at its finest.

SYTYCD: I am enjoying this season. Everyone is so good. Still loving Tadd and happy he isn't with Jordan anymore. I love that they bring back dancers from previous seasons. I love Allison and Twitch. I think Caitlynn is a beautiful dancer. I think I have said before that my whole family watches this and that's another reason I love this show.

RHONY and NJ: I dislike Jill so much. She is the biggest know-it-all in the world and has to chime in about everything and knowing everything about everything. Ramona being pregnant? I don't know how I felt about that other than every time I see something like that on TV, I hope the person is. Since I am an older mom of a toddler, I want everyone to join me in the chaos. It was a few episodes ago but I thought Cindy was so rude taking that call during breakfast especially being that her business is what it is. How about declining the invitation to breakfast because you have a meeting? I didn't really enjoy this season of New York. New Jersey: This season has been hard to watch. The contrived drama  that is out for the world to see was a little much and I have to say, I was squirming in my chair when Kim G (the biggest waste of television screen time ever...even more than Joe Gorga)  brought the lawyer that was suing the Guidices. I gained a lot of respect for Melissa and Joe for kicking her out and then when Caroline told Kim G. that she came with the intent to hurt and stir up drama and should leave, I said a quiet, "Yay!" (Yes, I know it is TV.) I have to say, and I never thought I would, I hate that Teresa bad mouths Melissa in her talking head interviews. I want her to take the high road and doing that makes her look like a jerk. I still don't like the Gorgas but after kicking out the two trouble makers, yelling at Melissa's brother-in-law about bringing up money at the party and then trying at Christmas Eve, I am warming up. I still crack up with all the Jesus talk. These women are the biggest backstabbers and yet, they keep mentioning their love for Jesus. So much irony. I will also say that my crush on Chris Laurita grows bigger and bigger.

Toddlers and Tiaras: Isabella insists I watch this show with her and I HATE it. It makes me uncomfortable. Belle says it's "our show" to watch together and really, it is full of lessons of how not to act. Thankfully, she is just as appalled as I am but does love watching to see which girls win. There was a mom on there that had two kids entering in a pagent. A nine year old girl, Alaska and a four year old boy, Braxton (I might have the ages wrong). The mother and father fawned all over their son. "He is beautiful. He is a winner. I hope that Alaska accepts defeat because Braxton is going to beat her." I wanted to reach through the TV and grab Alaska and adopt her. I was thrilled when she beat her brother and then ashamed that this show brought me to that level of hoping someone (a cute little boy) would lose. Alaska was bawling when they called her name and all I could think of was that she was probably so relieved that she was taking home a crown so her mother would be nice to her. Yuck!

For those that think all I do is watch TV, I admit that I do watch a lot but I am also in the middle of two books (Heaven is For Real and 13 Reasons) and I have spent some time outside. I have the mosquito bites to prove it.


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