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Monday, October 31, 2011


I am the Halloween Grinch. Halloween used to be finding a costume and being excited to reveal it the day of the class party. Even when I was teaching, it was this way. Kids dressed up, had the school parade, had the class party and went home to trick or treat with their families. The next day you talked about the houses you hit that had the best candy and what kind of candy you got. I remember running into friends trick or treating with their families and being excited. We'd show each other how much candy we had gotten and then say good bye and be on our merry ways. It wasn't until I was a freshman or sophomore that a friend of mine and I decided to go trick or treating in a wealthier neighborhood. We joked that maybe they'd give out keys to cars and while they didn't, we did score a lot of candy...buckets full of candy because no one thought to trick or treat over there. That was the only time I went with a friend.

Halloween is not like that today. It is just another way for kids to feel left out. It started a few weeks ago when kids started talking about what they were dressing up as. Everyone was pairing up or finding a group to dress together. I saw a mad dash from the twins on finding someone to dress up with. Isabella cried at Target because all of her friends were being babies but she was a baby last year and didn't want to be it again. I told her I was a baby every year because I put Coca Cola in a baby bottle and drank it at the party while everyone else had juice. She was sold. Problem number one solved. Tommy was asked by one of his friends to dress together and after the ban from the masks was lifted, they are going as Jabbawokeez from the hip hop group. The carpool rides were the worst with the girls all talking and about who was being who and with who and who was trick or treating with who. I kept trying to change the subject but once you get girls talking, nothing stops them. The boy carpool was even worse (or better depending on how you look at it) because two of the boys were dressing together and the other was dressing with different friends. Boys don't seem to care as much so their conversations didn't seem like anyone's feelings were getting hurt but I still changed the subject every time it came up. With boys that was a lot easier to do. Trick or treating is the other way kids get left out. Now, they do it with their friends. I tried overruling this a few years back. We took my kids to my sister's and while the twins and my nephew were young enough not to care, my nieces and Nico cared a lot and walked around with scowls on their faces. Actually, I think my nieces were good sports and Nico had the scowl. I miss the days when Leo would walk around with the kids and I would stay and hand out candy. Now when kids run into friends from school, instead of being excited to see them, they feel bad because they see who is trick or treating with who and wonder why they didn't get asked to go with. It has really become a very difficult event to navigate through and it causes a gigantic headache (mine started about two weeks ago).

Candy is the other reason I am the Halloween Grinch. No matter how many rules I state about eating candy, they always whine for more. I get tired of being the candy police. Plus, it is my weakness so any diet I might be on, flies right out the window.

This is Gia's first Halloween where she can walk up to the door and say, "Trick or Treat" and it is just going to be the two of us going unless Leo gets home early. Isabella and Tommy are walking home with friends and going trick or treating with them. Nico has basketball practice and then football practice because both boys won their football games yesterday so both are in the Superbowl on Saturday. Tommy's coach called off practice. Nico's coach did not.

In a nutshell, I am hating this holiday because, Isabella was crying this morning because I forgot to buy Coke to put in her bottle so she had to take apple juice. Tommy cried because his eye holes were hurting his eyes so I had to cut them bigger but not too big. Nico was whining because he is sore from last night's game and while he understands is bummed that he has no Halloween and most of his friends do. Gia...well...candy is turning Gia into the devil. By the time I have to drag her to the kids' costume parade, instead of a cute little ladybug, she might be an evil ,scary one screaming for "more candy, PLEASE!"

Once again...good times.


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