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Friday, December 16, 2011

Nico and Elf drama

His surgery was yesterday and he came through so much better than last time he had it. Last time, his oxygen level kept dipping and once we brought him home, he kept throwing up blood and couldn't keep any meds down. It was a nightmare. This time, there was none of that. The doctor said he was pretty packed up with polyps in his sinuses and they got all but the ones that were too close to the eyes. It was the best case scenario. They kept him overnight and I do think that might have made the difference. He was forced to rest and stayed hydrated. He was so impatient, though which made for a long night. He was starving which made for a long day and evening for food service. He did have a rough night in terms of discomfort and once morning came, he was ready to leave. Some of his friends came by to see him and it meant the world to him. His whole face lit up and he kept saying how nice it was that they came. It was good seeing my friends, too. My niece, Natalie, came for the whole day. It was a Godsend. She and Nico are really close and she helped ease his anxiety. She helped ease mine, too. I think she might have been the difference between all of us being tense and all of us being more relaxed. I hope she knows how much that meant to both Nico and me. My sister, Nikki, came with for most of the day, too. She is Nico's "buddy pal" and I'm so glad she could be there for him. Gina and Chrissy helped my mom who had Gia all day (thanks, Mom) and were the heroes that brought him his favorite Boston Market cornbread. I was happy they came, too. Thanks goes out to my dad for watching Gia today until we got home. It made me worry a lot less knowing Gia was with my parents. Thanks goes out to K.T., J.W., K.J., and P.L. for bringing your boys to cheer up Nico. It won't be forgotten. Thanks to all the people that said a prayer or texted me or emailed me well wishes. I believe that it was because of your support and prayers that this time wasn't so bad (that and a lot of wonderful named, Sue, in particular).

Oh my God, I hate the elf. While I was at the hospital with Nico, Tommy was looking for a gift bag and found a bag of toys that were meant for Belle. They were supposed to be from Santa. He told her. order to keep the magic of Santa alive, I had to say they were gifts from the elf and that he isn't real. You know...if I had more than a half hour of sleep last night, I could have come up with something, anything other than he isn't real but I didn't. Isabella was devastated. She sobbed that she didn't want to know. I have to admit that I saw it as an opportunity to lessen the stress in my life and not do the elf anymore but now I feel horrible. She cried that she wanted to believe it was real and was into it and was so upset. Tommy then felt bad and asked if Santa was real again and I just want to scream about the whole thing. I'm tired and I can't think straight. I know they are at the age where there are more questions than answers about Santa but I am tired of trying to keep the magic alive. Then they said, "If Santa is real, then elves are real. Why won't an elf come and visit us?" I tried to pass it off that I felt bad that an elf wasn't coming because of the lights but that led to more questions. I HATE THE ELF and now I have to come up with another gift for Belle in order to keep Santa real because Tommy saw her art set. Grrrrr! I was done! I don't even know what all he saw so even if I come up with another gift for Belle, there is a chance he is going to see another gift for Santa for someone on Christmas Day and know it was me. Ugggghhhhh....all because I was gone for a night.

To make matters even worse, Nico's Xbox seems to be broken and the majority of his gifts are related to that....good times.

Leo had poker night tonight and I really don't give a hoot whether he wins or loses because he doesn't win money. He wins points that lead to him flying to Vegas to be in a bigger tournament. I am a walking zombie right now so that he can win a "chance" to be away from us for 5 days to MAYBE win money. No idea how this one slipped by me. Crabby tired= no censor. Sorry if you have gotten this far.


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