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Friday, April 20, 2012

A List to Help Leo

For those wondering or those that voted, I have decided to keep the blog name the same but have my url be shorter. I'm deciding between and Thanks so much for all your input!

Since Mother's Day is a month away and then my birthday soon after that and our anniversary following that, I thought I'd write a list to help Leo since last year was so miserably wrong. I have talked on here before about Leo and gift giving and if you want a laugh click here.

1. My blog from Google or my domain or however you say that.

2. Time with my sisters, Belle and my nieces.

3. A new computer. (Notice how I put that so it would stand out.)

4. A replacement for the ring I lost at the dumb baseball tournament last year.

5. A girls' weekend.

6. Time to myself.

7. Barnes and Noble gift certificate

8. A spa day with the works: massage and everything. If this could coincide with #2 even better. If he adds a clothing budget for me, I would be over the moon excited and the public will do a collective cheer at not having to see me in black sweats with a gray shirt for awhile.

9. Something that shows that he takes my writing seriously. (Okay, I know that is not fair because it is vague and Leo isn't very good with vague but I am not really sure what he could do and just thinking that he'd have to think about it and come up with something makes me feel good). There is a blog conference in October that is in cool would that be (however I still have 4 kids with one being 2 so the odds are not good)? #3 would coincide nicely with this one.

10. My wedding ring resized since after being pregnant with Gia, it hasn't fit and I have given up on ever losing weight in my fingers (that makes me a little sad).

11. A kitchen island (it escapes me every single holiday but I'll keep asking until I get it).

12. All of the Zumba DVDs. I am missing 3 from the set. While we are on the subject, Friday Night Lights: Season 4 (I hated it but it's the only one I don't have) and the movie Thor (yes, I am that shallow).

I recognize that some of these are expensive and since we have not recently come into money, but since I got a whole lotta nothing last year for my birthday and he went fishing on our anniversary, and he is going to Vegas and Alaska and I am going nowhere, I don't feel all that bad asking for this stuff.

I don't need all of these, however, there are 12 of them which divides nicely into 3 and there are 3 holidays...

What about you? Anything special that you want for Mother's Day or a birthday or an anniversary?


At April 20, 2012 at 1:21 PM , Blogger mangiabella said...

I was laughing out loud and almost sprayed coffee on my screen reading your last couple posts. I'm like your sister, I am a firm believer in "birthday week" and have been pushing for "birthday month" for the last 15 years, to no avail. ah well, birthday week has seemed to stick pretty nicely. oh bella you have to read the post I wrote on my birthday in Oct 2011 (and the one in October 2010) in the archives...would love to hear your thoughts! As for me, #'s 5,6 & 8 would be my choice for sure!!!! Baby Joey is soooo adorable...and I was laughing so hard reading about your crazy day and the "siding guy's" sneak peak..haha! I've been reading this fabulous book, called "Parenting the strong willed child" - Good Lord how I needed it, I was becoming very frustrated. My daughter did not have terrible 2's...but her 3's have challenged me in more ways than one. I do not like to see her not obeying until things begin to escalate, and I really try to enforce a "no yelling" policy in the house....I mean, granted I am originally from Long Island, NY, and loudness is sort of a family trait, but I really make an effort to keep things very mellow and chill around here. I am practicing some of the skills I am learning in this book, and I am already seeing positive results! Hallelujah!! sending you sunshine and smiles today sweet bella

At April 21, 2012 at 5:22 AM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

I love this comment so much! I will definitely check out your birhtday archives. I was laughing out loud at birthday month and being from Long Island (my loudness is a family trait). I have that book. I bought it when I had my oldest. I think I am going to have to revisit it. "Mellow" and "chill" are words I'd love to someday describe myself and our family. A girl can wish...

Heading over to yours right now. :)

At April 21, 2012 at 5:47 AM , Blogger doseofreality said...

I love this list so much I can't even stand it! I think my favorite is about your writing. When I first started blogging my hubby would read and comment...sometimes now I wonder if he remembers I have a blog...other than to know it is the thing that keeps me from cleaning our home! ;)
I hope you have a fantastic birthday and get AT LEAST 3 things from that list! :)

At April 21, 2012 at 8:55 AM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

That's funny. Mine did too but now unless I point him to posts or read them out loud, he doesn't read it. So funny about the house because I'm in the same boat. My blog gives him a reason to roll his eyes at me.

He has until June so I better get some of them. :)


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