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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Chaos

I woke up this morning knowing that my day would be filled with chaos when I was struck with this thought: Why can Leo wake up at 5:00am to play basketball but when I try and wake him up to take someone to practice or help me do Tommy's test, is he dead to the world and can't be woken up for anything?

As a sidebar to my day so far I'd like to share another question I am asking myself today. After the events of the last two weeks, I told Leo that I needed a night out and made plans with an old friend I reconnected with through Facebook (best part of FB). The reservations were for 6:30. Leo usually makes it home by 6:00 the latest so I thought that would work. I checked with him and he said it was fine. Come 6:00, when he wasn't home, I called him and he hadn't even left work yet. Why, when I need him home, he can never be here by the time I need him but if it was his poker night or he had a basketball game or Nico had a game, he'd be able to leave early?

Okay, I'm not going to make this a rant about Leo and how frustrating those two issues are. Nico had an impromtu practice game this morning that was canceled and instead had practice at 9:30. Tommy had practice from 10-12, Isabella had uniform fittings from 10:30-11:20 and Nico's tutor was coming at noon. We have a fundraiser for Nico's baseball team and my mom and dad are coming here to watch the kids. Normally, I'd leave Nico to watch them but it starts early and I don't want him to feed everyone and put Gia to bed. Gia is teething terribly and wakes up a bunch of times so I thought it would be better if an adult was here.

I tried without much success to get everyone up by 8:30 and because that didn't work, by 9:00, everyone was running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get ready for what they were doing. Because my life, like much of yours, is chaotic, wouldn't it figure that this was the moment when Tommy was ready to do the test he had to do? Now, somewhere in all of what we had to do in the morning, I had to run over to the lab to drop off the sample. I dropped Nico off at practice and headed over to the lab. Time was ticking away while I was waiting so one of my good friends (thank you, JW) went to my house to watch Gia so Leo could leave for Tommy's practice and I could go to Belle's fitting.

While I was standing in the painfully slow and long line, Isabella said to me, "I want to do softball and L's dad said I can still join." WHAT??? Are you freakingng kidding me??? How in the world am I going to fit that in? She proceeded to pout about not getting a really expensive sweatshirt, and had the nerve to ask me if we are doing anything today and could she play? The answer was that we are doing everything today and no because she is still grounded.

On the way home, the subject of softball came up again and she asked which one she should do, softball or swimming? She already does cheerleading which isn't all year but the tumbling that she does for it is. I could not think about it and because of how chaotic our lives already are, just say no. Or...I could think about how I didn't even hesitate when the boys said they wanted to play baseball, basketball and football. I said yes to both of them for all three. Why is that? Why do I have an easier time saying yes to the boys? Oh, wait...maybe it is because of the fit Belle threw when she played T-ball and missed the ball trying to hit it or when she went up to her soccer coach and said, "Um, I'm ready to be taken out for my break."

So, with a mishap at Jimmy John's, a bailout for the fundraiser tonight, my parents babysitting nine of their eleven grandkids at my house which still isn't put back together and me being more tired than I can remember, things are not looking good for tonight. I must be getting old because the only thing that sounds good right now is hunkering down in my bed with a good book or my DVR with all the shows I have to catch up on.


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