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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wisconsin Dells: Baseball

I wasn't going to go to this part. Leo and I weren't getting along that great and I was feeling pretty stressed out with the kids. Gia all of a sudden hates her stroller and hates eating out...two things I was going to need her to do. I went because it was the easiest thing to do since we were meeting my family up there when the tournament was over. It sounded like a good idea at the time but I remember after Spring Break saying there was no way I was going to go and I think I should have just stuck with that. First, Leo had given up our two bedroom for a one bedroom. When we went to Disney, we did fine with a one bedroom. Gia slept in the one bedroom with Leo and me and I could put her down and shut the door and she would go to sleep. We had the kitchen so I could feed her before we'd go to restaurants and it worked very well. When I walked into our "one bedroom" I saw that it was actually ONE ROOM! Not good. Second, the baseball part was so hard with Gia. I only saw Nico play one of his three games and though the highlight was going to the waterpark, a family vacation, it was not. Nico was pushing the limit on what I was comfortable with him doing and after being at a waterpark for a few hours before his game, he didn't put out his best performance. He didn't do horrible but just not his norm. Third, we stayed at The Wilderness and it really was the wilderness because I had NO cell service! I think we are all waaay too dependent on our cell phones but this hotel was enormous and part of the luxury of having cell phones is that I can keep tabs on my kids (only Nico has one but Tommy was with him and Isabella was with some older girls that had them). Mine wasn't the only one and I want to know why we don't get a text bounced back when it doesn't go through? All talking was through texting so either you felt ignored or left out. So frustrating. Third, I was pretty sure Belle had 5th's disease. Her cheeks were really red and by by day two, she had a rash on her arms and some of her back, like Nico. If you know Belle or if you have read previous posts, you know that there was nothing but drama that followed. Once you have the rash, you are no longer contagious and I made the mistake of telling her that the sun would probably make it worse so not to worry...big mistake! She drove me absolutely crazy with worry. "If I stand in the shade over there, what if a little sun gets on it? Is it supposed to itch? It doesn't itch...oh, wait...I think it kind of itches. Is my stomach supposed to hurt? My stomach hurts." Last, it is a tradition for the men to go to the casino which I was fine with but the women decided to go to dinner before they went. Leo was fine with it but forgot about giving me some time to get ready. He wasn't back from Nico's game and I had to take a shower before dinner so...Gia had to shower with me. Not fun. Then I couldn't really wash my hair so I had to straighten it. The result was cotton candy hair. While I was getting the cotton candy hair, Gia was trying to grab the flat iron. I had to stop every couple of minutes to move her away from burning herself. After Leo got back, he was very concerned with his phone not working and how was he going to hook up with the other guys. Guess what? I didn't really care. I just wanted him to leave so I could finish getting ready. I HATE being the reason why people are late. I was getting more and more frustrated. The conversation we had went like this:

Me: Today when you showered did you have anyone in there with you? Any of the kids?
Him (looking at me like I had two heads): No.
Me: And when you shaved, did you have anyone trying to grab the razor?
Him (again, looking at me like I was crazy): No.
Me: And when you go to the bathroom, do you get to be alone?
Him (still not getting it because he was so preoccupied with trying to text the other husbands): Yes.
Me (not being able to resist raising my voice): Well, I had to shower with Gia, try and do my hair with Gia grabbing at it and haven't been able to go to the bathroom alone in 2 days!

He apologized but proceeded to ask me all of the things that he needed and what he should do and so on. All the while, I was texting a friend but wasn't hearing back. Meanwhile, a different friend came to pick me up but of course I wasn't ready so I started yelling at Leo, who insisted on putting Gia into the stroller that she hates, to just leave so I could get ready. We ended up in a huge fight right in front of her and he left mad and I finished getting ready crying. I couldn't shake the fight and there were other issues I couldn't shake so I tried very hard to get through the dinner. When in doubt, tell funny in-law stories. One of the women we were there with confirmed that I did indeed have cotton candy hair. Leo and I made up during the dinner (over texting...using someone else's phones). I apologized for yelling at him while I was stressed and he said he understood why I was mad. The kicker came when the men asked us to pick up food for all the kids. Had I gotten the call, I would have told them to order or figure something else out. Part of getting the break is not having to worry about what everyone is eating. When Leo goes out, he doesn't come home and feed the kids first. I did not get the call so I was just along for the ride. It was painful. The McDonald's we went to was the worst. It was a 20 min wait for our food. We ended up talking people out of eating there because it was so ridiculous. When I got home, Gia was still awake and the kids were running around the halls of the hotel.

So basically, I got a 2 hour break and came home to chaos. Leo went to the casino and I had to round up the kids and deal with the crying that I am the meanest mom ever for not letting them stay out late. The whole thing was exhausting and then I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to pack everything to move to Chula Vista to be with my family. They wanted to meet for breakfast. I was having a hard time talking to them with limited phone service and getting my family to move so we could meet them was stressful. There was a lot of yelling and what do you know? Tommy couldn't move. At all. We were convinced that it was because he was at the waterpark from 9am-9pm the day before. We missed breakfast with my family and instead had it at the Wilderness. Gia hated every minute of it and let everyone know by screaming the entire time so I had one bite of the delicious french toast thingy before taking her outside. It made me wonder for the 100th time, why am I not skinnier??

After that, there was a ton of fighting in the ten minute drive to Chula Vista, me crying because I hate vacationing with my kids and Tommy and Belle crying that they didn't feel good. I could not wait to see my family. Gia loves my mom and I knew that I'd get somewhat of a break. The kids all have a cousin that is their age so I knew they'd be busy with them and I'd get to catch up with my sisters. My enthusiasm was very short-lived. It pretty much ended right after the delicious margarita at the wave pool. Tommy was going downhill fast.


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