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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Half of a Television Recap

I am nowhere near caught up on all the shows I watch but I have watched some.

The Bachelorette: The whole thing with Bentley was a let down. I wanted the producers to show her all the footage of him being a jerk and I wanted her to lay into him. Even if they did, I am not sure she has it in her to. I don't get it. He's not even that cute. He reminds me of the kind of guy that is okay looking and based on his personality could be really hot or could be ugly and based on his, he was ugly. I think it is obvious that JP is the front runner with Ben maybe as the second guy. Both Ben and Constantine have grown on me. Ryan looks like The Joker from Batman and I can see how he would grate on the guys' nerves. I don't live with him and he grates on mine. I think Ashley thought all the guys would react the way JP did when she told them about Bentley but not all of the guys are feeling the same connection or are into her like JP so I understood where they were coming from. Some of the guys hadn't even had a one on one and then Bentley leaves voluntarily and gets to come back and have one? No one wants to be second choice. I love Mickey even more because he left. He's right. If she was so into Bentley, and he is nothing like him, then they aren't right for each other. He could have pulled a Ryan and said everything she wanted to hear to keep him there so he could keep going to exotic places but he didn't and I respect him for that. I hope he is the next bachelor.

SYTYCD: It's still pretty early for me to have one standout favorite but so far I like, Melanie and Marko (love the dances to Leona Lewis' music), Jordan and Thadd, and Caitlyn and Mitchell. Maybe I am not watching close enough  (I am usually doing a hundred other things while it is on) but I am missing the burly, big, sexy male dancers like Dmitry, Musa, Joshua (not that I found him sexy but he was good) and Twitch. Either Cat is wearing super high heels or these dancers are all really tiny. Does anyone else crack up when Lil' C talks?

The Voice: I don't think I could love Blake Shelton anymore than I do. OMG! He's hot and he's sensitive and he is funny. I LOVE him! I loved Vicci Martinez and thought Beverly was good but they both did weird things when they sang that distracted me. Vicci's leg thing and Bev's head shake...I couldn't get past it though I loved the flashback to Love is a Battlefield even if CeeLo was wearing that strange get-up. Was anyone surprised that Javier won? I am happy that he did. His songs were the ones that made me race to iTunes to download. I LOVED his version of the song Fix You and was so happy he got rid of that darn hat that I nearly jumped off my chair. I was happy for Dia, too. She was so shy but when she sang, she really came alive.

Friday Night Lights: I watched two episodes in a row so this might be a blend of both. The return of Tim! The scene where Coach, Billy and Buddy were speaking about him at the parole hearing gutted me. God, how I love that character and I how I absolutely hate the storyline they went with. When Tim came home, I just wanted to reach through the TV and give him a hug. When he told Mindy that she and Billy did it, that they were a family, my heart broke for him. That is all he ever wanted and it always escapes him. I love the interaction between Coach and Tami. I think it is somewhat realistic that Coach wouldn't give Tami's dream a second thought as long as it didn't interfere with what he was doing. There was a time when I was going to go back to school for my counseling degree. I made it all the way to the tour and Leo was supportive until his boss went to him and told him he had to get his MBA in order to get a promotion. Both of us couldn't go back to school so I had to put my dream on the back burner. It turned out he got the promotion anyway but by then there were other things in our lives that prevented me from pursuing it. I think Becky and Luke are cute together. I still can't get on board with the Billy and Mindy train. I fast forward through Vince's storyline because I feel like it is somewhat predictable. I can't help it...I love Buddy. I enjoy his scenes with Eric. I really hate that this show is ending and I hate that there are not more episodes than just one or two. I would have liked to see them do more with the Hastings character. He could have developed a big following with a storyline. Best show on television in my opinion.

I know I am going to get sucked into Love in the Wild.

I watched Supernanny just to make me feel like my kids are well behaved and we are not that bad off. :)

I forgot to mention in the earlier posts that the worst part of vacation is that I lost my ring that Leo gave me for Mother's Day. I took it off when I went to the pool because it is big and I didn't want to lose it. How ironic that I did anyway! I am sick about it.


At July 3, 2011 at 5:35 AM , Blogger Kendra Mareva said...

Ohh nooooo!!! :O You guys weren't able to find it in your room? Did you check with lost and found? Housekeeping may have found it after you checked out. Try calling the hotel to see if they turned it in. It's so unique with its inscriptions that I'm sure it would be handed over as soon as it was found.

At July 3, 2011 at 8:19 AM , Blogger AnnMarie said...

I called already. I am so sad. It was one of the gifts that Leo got so totally right and it's gone.


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