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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A View Changed

I had a fantastic weekend. It is truly proof that when you dread (and that is too strong of a word for how I felt) something and have no expectations of something, it turns out to be a great experience. I wasn't necessarily dreading this weekend. My friend was coming in from out of town and I was looking so forward to seeing her but I was feeling a little overwhelmed at all that was going on. I had the concert on Thursday night when she came in so I missed out on the first night with her.

The Zoo: Friday we all trucked to Brookfield Zoo. Now, I get made fun of a lot for loving the zoo but I don't care...I LOVE the zoo!! I do not love the zoo in 100 degree heat with a hangover. Gia hates her stroller so either wanted to be held or walk. Just seeing her face when she saw the three animals we saw was priceless. Instead of looking at ALL the animals, there were a ton of bathroom breaks and stops for food. There were at least 12 requests for things at gift shops in the way of, "Mom, you NEVER buy me anything at this gift shops." To which I replied, "I know and we are not going to break the streak today." You know what freaks me out at the zoo? The chipmunks running all over the place. I know I am at a zoo with a lot of animals but it is unnerving to have something run across your feet.

Family Party: We celebrated my niece's birthday. I love being with my family but when it is a swimming party, it is always a little stressful. Gia loves my mom and wants to be with her the entire time but my mom has to spread herself between 11 grandkids. My mom is very accomodating but when another grandkid wants her attention, Gia cries. Leo tried taking her in the pool but she didn't want to have anything to do with it. She hadn't napped and didn't want to eat anything but chips so that wasn't fun either. My last straw was when I told Leo it was time for him to leave with the girls (I was heading to my sister's condo straight from the party and the boys were going home with my mom and dad) and he opened a beer instead. I ended up leaving before him. My husband just hates leaving parties. Last one to arrive...last one to leave.

The City: Here is where my view changed. The city used to represent where my life changed forever. It was where we found out Nico had CF and where Tommy and I were trapped for two weeks. This time around, it was like Sex in the City: Suburban girl version. The car ride there was one of the highlights for me. I know that sounds funny but I got to catch up with my friend without any interruptions. We talked about our writing (we both have written books that we hope to get published) and some of the road blocks we have encountered. I think I need to join a writing group because that was the best conversation I have had in a long time. Anyway, we went to Pop's Champagne where the prices were astronomical but the atmosphere and company were worth it. We met my Sex in the City: City version cousin who, to this day, surprises me with how brave and worldly she is. She rode the L by herself which I wouldn't even know how to do and sat at a bar waiting for us which I don't ever see myself doing. She was chatting with some girls that we thought she was friends with but no, just making small talk. We headed over to Howl at the Moon which is a dueling piano bar and had a blast drinking from a bucket and belting out songs. I will tell you...I AM OLD. The things people were wearing...waaayyy too much gold and silver shiny clothes. Mini skirts where I was sure that private parts were going to fall out. I had a blast but am so glad I don't have to deal with the bar scene anymore. We stayed out until 2 am (for the others this was a big deal but I am a huge night owl), survived the cab ride of death and stayed up talking until about 4.  The next day we walked to the Planetarium and walked around there until we had to leave. My friend is a sci-fi writer and so walking around the Planetarium made me feel a link to her writing (whether it had anything to do with it or not, it still made me feel close to her). I hope someday we are brave enough to share our books with each other. I feel bad now that I dismissed Leo's night in the city idea for my birthday. Had I just opened my mind a little, it would have probably been a magical night. Leo, if you are reading this, I am sorry and you can plan it again and I will go with an open mind.

Yesterday I said goodbye to her and today, my heart is a little heavy as she goes home. She has such a great outlook and zest for life that it was contagious and I wish I could be more like her or at the very least, see her or talk to her more often. Thank God for the blogs!! So in more ways than one, my views have changed.

On a side note, I head to the doctor today for a test that I don't want. I know all will be fine but I hate having to do this to find out that all is fine. If you could spare a prayer, I'd appreciate it. I'll update when I know exactly what is going on. To put it in words right now makes it scarier. It will be will be fine...


At August 3, 2011 at 5:31 AM , Blogger Kendra Mareva said...

It really was a fabulous weekend. I'm glad you were able to get your mind off your troubles, even if only for a little bit. Huggies. :)


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