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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Random Thoughts

Gia hasn't slept through the night since before my surgery. I am a walking zombie and she has been pretty crabby. I see her swollen gums but at this point I think she is waking up out of habit. I want her to be done with the bottle. She's not. I want her to be done with the binky and she's not. She is living up to the whole "baby" of the family status because with the others I was pretty adamant about when they were going to be done (and Nico is in braces and Tommy was just referred by our dentist to an orthodontist so really, did it matter?) and with her, I'm having a hard time.

I went to bed last night with a slight headache and woke up today with a rip roaring one. I know there is only one place to go but up when your day starts out that way but as far as I am concerned, the only place I want to go is back to bed. The reality is that the cleaning lady is coming so we have to be out of the house this afternoon. If Gia doesn't nap this morning, she isn't going to have a nap. I am meeting some friends for lunch so that means I have to deal with restaurant Gia and she is not fun. I am determined to make her a restaurant person because I am a restaurant person. For those that are shaking their heads thinking I am ruining meals for others with a screaming kid, I only go to kid-friendly restaurants. I'd never take her to a fancy schmancy one where there aren't a lot of kids. I did that in the Dells and there wasn't enough alcohol to get me through that meal.

There are a few things that strike fear in my heart and set my panic button off. Sleep away sports camps and 8th grade field trips to Washington D.C. are two of them. Nico wants to do both this summer. I will lose sleep over this one. I constantly live by and say all the time that I don't want CF to be the reason he doesn't do the things other kids his age are doing and that is one of the reasons (Will he drink enough so he won't dehydrate? Will he remember to take his meds? Will he remember to take his enzymes?) but the discussion to explain that it will be largely due to finances that he won't get to do both will not be a fun one since he is under the impression that Leo said he could. When I asked Leo, he shook his head as if to say, "No way." It's times like this that I really wish I lived on an island in a little hut where the desire to sleep somewhere else wouldn't be there because where you are already sleeping is pretty damn good.

Tommy is my best student. Nico gets straight A's and Belle gets all the checks for behavior in the right spots but Tommy is a self-starter, self-motivating, rarely needs help, thinks outside the box kind of student. He might get a check mark for needs to listen more attentively but I really don't care since he understands everything he is doing and gets things done without help. He is proof that you can't judge a book by its cover because he might be making the class laugh or looking like he is daydreaming but he hears every word the teacher says. I'm okay with him marching to the beat of his own drum. Leo is the "math" parent and Belle has a test today. Guess who was up early making a test for Belle to study from because Leo teaches in a way that Belle doesn't get? Although, I'm thinking that no matter what, she wasn't going to get it. Another child that has my math genes. God, help us all now.

Last random thought for today: I hate getting calls from the school nurse. I know, who out there likes them? I just feel like I get them more often than others. With Tommy, I think they are so afraid it is CF related and they won't know how to handle it, they call me. I know they think I am a b****. I know I sound aggravated because I am aggravated. Tuesday, while in the middle of a ton of errands I was trying to get done, I got a call from the nurse about Tommy. He had a pain in his stomach that he has never had and could I come talk to him? I was in St. Charles hoping to hit the trifecta of Walmart, Target and Toys R Us. When I got to his school, Tommy started crying. The kind of crying that you know he's not faking being upset. He's really upset. It's the cry that breaks my heart. I took him home and he confided that his stomach hurt so he went to the nurse. He went to the bathroom there and then everyone that came into the office commented on how bad the office smelled. They were loud about it. They didn't know it was because of Tommy but they were rude about it. He cried while he was telling me and said he was so embarrassed that he just wanted to get out of there. He was also afraid he'd have to go again. It's a part of CF that I hate. Bathroom issues. It makes us late, it embarrasses the boys and is another reason the little hut (and a separate hut with indoor plumbing) sounds pretty good right about now.


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