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Saturday, September 10, 2011

TV Update

I think I am way behind in some of the shows I watch. Just my opinions. Would love to hear yours.

Top Chef Desserts: This show makes me hungry. It's early but I am a fan of Amanda and Megan and Matthew and Chris. I think Craig is in way over his head and Melissa keeps getting picked last, not because of her talent but because she threw her teammate under the bus so who would want to work with her after that? I think Katzie has a little mean girl in her and Orlando is trying too hard to be the mean one. He talks a big game but hasn't really stepped up. I hate that Nelson went home. I liked him. I'm getting tired of the group challenges. I want to see what these people can do on their own. Again, this show makes me hungry.

Project Runway: I think I might be rooting for Anya, Kimberly or Laura. Bert doesn't bother me but Josh does. I think Bert doesn't because I swear when I am frustrated and if I was him, I'd be frustrated with all the group challenges. Enough already.

Dance Moms: OMG, I can't stop watching this show in horror. I don't know who I feel bad for anymore. I think the way Abby talks to those young girls is appalling but if the moms don't like it, they can take their daughters somewhere else. They bring them there for a reason and then are constantly complaining. I don't get it. I think Christi is going to watch these episodes and see how jealous she IS of an eight year old and should be embarrassed by how many times she blames Maddie for Chloe not winning and then when Chloe is finally at the top of the pyramid, she still says Abby is setting Chloe up to fail. Maddie is clearly the best dancer and it looks like she works really hard at it. She might be a little dramatic but it's working for her. Funny that Holly read Abby the riot act and was so upset and then as soon as her daughter won first place, she was all good. Cathy, Cathy, Cathy...what a complete wacko! I feel so bad for her daughter. She is exactly the kind of mom I can't stand. Why in the world did she bring her daughter from Ohio to Pittsburgh to Abby's studio if she was going to fight her on every single thing she does? Her reasoning for things was so messed up, I would watch with my mouth dropped open. Guess what? Just because you were a dancer it's not a guarantee that your daughter is going to be one. The whole thing with the head shots...she blamed the photographer for Vivi not getting picked. Moms like that are always going to find someone to blame when their kids don't come out on top.

Bachelor Pad: I don't know why I am watching this show. Mindless entertainment. I cannot stand Kasey and Vienna. In what world does mealy mouth Kasey hold all the power? I think I might be watching just so I can see them booted off. I am rooting for Ella (please, please stop talking about doing this for your son) and Kirk or Michelle (NEVER thought I'd say that) and Graham. Michael needs to move on. Watching Erika come on so strongly to Blake was uncomfortable.

MTV's Challenge Rivals: I didn't watch this whole thing. I started watching towards the end and I admit, it was my crush on CT that pulled me back in. He's hot-headed and not always very nice but for some reason, I think he's cute. I think it doesn't take a professional to see that I might have a thing for bad boys. I liked Kenny too but I can't stand Wes and he was his partner and it was pretty funny when they came in 2nd.

I confess...another show that I can't seem to stop watching is Degrassi: The New Generation and Now or Never. I watched this, when it was the first generation, in college with people on my floor and I'm not sure what the appeal is other than I want to write young adult novels and after watching the show, it gives me a frame of reference. I'll watch some of it with my kids but a lot of it is inappropriate for the twins. It's a great conversation starter with Nico.

Russian Dolls:  I do not enjoy this show and yet, I can't stop watching it. I equate this show to Mob Wives. I watched that show embarrassed to be an Italian woman. I thought that watching Russian Dolls would make me embarrassed for my daughters and my husband. Daughters, it doesn't because we aren't raising them the way these girls were raised. Leo, a little bit but only because he is nothing like the men portrayed. I know a few Russian women and they are nothing like these women. I know a few others that are a lot like them so I am split with my opinion. They are making Russian men out to be these chauvinistic, controlling, hot-tempered men and if you know Leo, he isn't any of those things. Far from them. In fact, all of the Russian men I know are none of those traits. A part of me started watching this show to see what I was missing. Leo's family is small and they might have done a lot of Russian traditions when we dated but I was only invited to one family party in all the 7 years we dated so I never saw any. Leo was at every one of mine so we gravitated toward my family traditions. I asked him if it bothered him that we don't celebrate his Russian heritage and he said no. I think it bothered his mom after we had kids but she had gone on and on about loving America and I had been excluded for so long that by the time we had kids, it was too late. Yes, I know it would be great if my kids had learned Russian but I spent 7 years feeling isolated in Leo's house, I wasn't going to feel that way in my own house. I tried to learn it when we were dating. Have you ever tried to learn Russian? It was a lot like Calculus for me. I couldn't do either. Besides, his family spoke English. Wouldn't it make more sense just to speak English? I could see if we were in Russia but we weren't. Really when you think about it, it doesn't matter because we are both so Americanized that we don't feel like we are missing out. Anyway back to the show, I nearly dropped off my chair when Renata said she was 47. She reminds me so much of Leo's mom, I thought for sure she was 60. They both talk in that voice that is low so everything sounds dramatic and Renata uses the word "sophisticated" a lot and if I had a dime for every time...well, I'd be rich. I think Anastasia is a spoiled brat and I like Diana. I thought she looked beautiful in the pictures she took. I can't help it, I like Anna. I think what she has accomplished so far is pretty impressive. I had Leo watch the show and he only watched five minutes, declared he didn't like it and went to sleep.

I am waaay behind on The Real Housewives shows both New Jersey and Beverly Hills (can't believe that about Russell). New Jersey became really hard to watch. Teresa continually got meaner as the season went on and I wanted to root for her but she made it too hard. Melissa continued to be a fame whore and I couldn't stand one more minute of Ashley.

If you are wondering when I have time to catch up on these shows, it's usually in the middle of the night, after Gia wakes up and I put her back down and can't fall back to sleep. Friday nights after everyone ditches Gia and me for the football game, I watch the rest of what I have on the DVR after Gia goes to bed.


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