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Friday, May 27, 2011

TV Recap

I thought we were on our way to being done with all the sickness but I think God is trying to tell me I need to eat less. I cannot shake this flu. Gia woke up at 1:00 and Nico woke me up every ten minutes from 3:00 on. He had a bad headache and couldn't sleep. Then at 6:45, he woke up and said he felt fine and needed to go to school because of how behind he is in math. I fully expect a phone call before school is out. Being sick, I have spent an enormous amount of time catching up on all the shows I watch and some of them had their finales so my list will be shorter in future posts.

Celebrity Apprentice: I was happy John Rich won. I was not happy how Def Leppard came off looking. I wanted them to go with the flow and feel for John Rich's charity but I think in the end, they saw it as another gig and were only going to do what was in their contract. I might be making excuses for them because I am going to see them in July and I don't want to think of them as being jerks. When they took the stage and sang "Pour Some Sugar on Me," my neighbors, if they could see in here, got an eye full because that song brings me right back to senior year of high school and I can't help but throw my hands up and belt it out.

America's Next Top Model: I had a feeling when Tyra cut their hair for the judging and Brittani walked out with the pixie cut that made her immediately look less harsh and more likeable, she was going to win. I thought Molly took better pictures but both had the worst personalities so either way, the winner was going to be an ugly person on the inside.

American Idol: Again, I really had no opinion on this one. I LOVED that in the finale, they had all the other contestants talking about how young the two finalists were and someone said, "Go to prom!" Was anyone else struck by what Scotty said? He said, "We've been together since the beginning and we are going to stay together." What does that mean? Did I fast forward through something that would explain that?

Sister Wives: This show started out as my curiosity getting the best of me and whatever they set out to do by doing the show, they succeeded with me, because I love these people and want to see them be able to continue to live their lives the way they want. Besides having to uproot their family to Vegas, these kids are well-adjusted (maybe Mariah has some issues) and these wives are happy so who is anyone to say their way is wrong? Why does the law have anything to say about marriage anyway? I believe that for ALL marriage. When they were trying to leave (and how sad the way they had to), and they got all the flat tires, I had to laugh because that is totally something that would happen to us.

Real Housewives-Orange County: I can barely stomach these shows anymore. I cannot STAND Gretchen. The fact that she acted the way she did when Vicki texted Tamra that she was in the hospital shows how unbelievably immature and s***-stirring she is. Why did one event have to take away from the other? Why didn't Alexis, the Jesus-tooting Christian, stand up, announce that their "friend" was in the hospital and offer a prayer before the fashion show? Done. All drama averted. Instead, she let Gretchen talk her into being upset and seeing it as a setup. I don't really like Tamra and her snark and over the top sexiness and I used to really like Jeana but no more. I can't for the life of me figure out why she is involved in Tamra and Simon's divorce? I'm still not sure if I like Peggy or not. So who does that leave to watch?

Real Housewives of NY: I'm in the middle of this one from this week but I will say, it feels like this season is being heavily edited to show Ramona to have a drinking problem. I think she is crazy and rude (she needed someone to help her unpack?) but I am just not on board with the drinking problem yet. I can't stand the sound of Jill's voice. I still think Kelly is not all there. I liked Sonja last season but she is a piece of work. Is it for shock value? The way she looks down her nose at everybody makes me want to fast forward through her scenes. I thought she and Ramona were incredibly rude on that trip. I don't care how pompous LuAnn sounds or is. I can't help it, I like her.

The Real Housewives-NJ: Tried watching and Melissa and Joe are such incredibly bad stereotypes of Italians, I had to turn it off again. I will say that I feel the same way about Teresa and Joe as I do Sister Wives. Their debt is their problem and between them and the people they owe. I don't find her as disgusting as her fame-seeking, throw your family under the bus while bad-mouthing them all in the name of attention sister-in-law. Even if she was pretty, who could see through the ugliness of her envy of Teresa?

The Voice: Still love Blake. His duet/battle this week was strange. I didn't like the style of the one girl and the one that won didn't seem too happy about it. I thought the song choices the judges picked were strange, too. Love this show and hate that it is on at 9:00 because we really like to watch it as a family and I really like my kids to be in bed by then (they never are but I would still like them to be).

So excited that So You Think You Can Dance is back on.


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