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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Small Things I am Thankful for and a TV Update

I have been somewhat in a funk the last few if you couldn't tell but I wanted to do a positive post. As I sit here drinking my hot chocolate (Swiss Miss Extra Marshmallows), a few little things came to my mind that I am thankful for.

1. All you can eat crab legs after a basketball game with good conversation, good friends and my favorite drink.

2. Gia, for one night, getting over her hate for restaurants and being such a good girl that I could enjoy the crab legs.

3. The Nook Color...Gia LOVES it. Bought me an extra half hour and another plate of food.

4. For years I would drink my hot chocolate and wonder why they didn't sell the little marshmallows that come in the packet (the minis are too big). While at Target on Thursday, I found them! They finally do. Kraft makes them and they come in the same container as Parmesan cheese. Now half way through when the marshmallows are gone, I can add more. It's the little things. :)

5. Isabella. Our first floor was a mess from normal weekend stuff and she surprised me and cleaned it. She is so unbelievably good with Gia. That baby adores her and though she sometimes gets frustrated with how much, she can often be heard belly laughing at whatever Gia might be doing. There isn't anyone that does it exactly like Mom but she comes darn close.
6. My sisters. They just get it. So do my parents. They have a way of making you feel like it's all going to be okay.

7. I know we'll end up paying for it later but I am so thankful for this weather we are having.

8. Sundays with nothing to do except laundry.

9. LouMalnati's pizza on a Sunday afternoon. I don't know that I will order the delicious, deep dish, cheese delight but I am thankful for the option.

Update on TV: I am so behind on Parenthood and can't really watch it when I am in a funk because that show brings out emotions I wasn't even aware of. I started watching Celebrity Wife Swap and I have to say enjoyed it. I'm still watching Degrassi (in all forms). I am glued to the TV caring about Holly J. with her untreated step leading to kidney issues, Clare, who all of a sudden broke out of her shell and three different guys are after her, Ali, who can't make a good decision to save her life, Drew and his anger issues, Sav, the ever responsible son that is just trying to be himself, Mia, the single mom turned model who is now on Vampire Diaries, Eli, the resident psycho, Jenna, who has found herself pregnant and Riley, who can't come to grips with his sexuality. This wasn't the high school like I attended or it was and I was clueless living in my bubble but I just cannot stop watching. (If I used who and it should be whom, shoot me a message. I always get those confused and am not above admitting it.) I started watching Once Upon a Time and enjoy the show (still behind) but am still a little confused because I came to it late. Project Runway All Stars hasn't disappointed but I miss Heidi and Tim. Glad to see the producers didn't keep Elisa for dramatic purposes. I was hoping Michael Knight was going to be on but am glad to see Rami and Sweet Pea (though her dress was terrible). Where are the designers from season 3?

The Bachelor is going to be a nutty season if the first episode is any indication. I liked Ben on Ashley's season but I'm not sure if I am liking him on this one. It might have been a case of  with the bachelors that were on that season, he wasn't the worst so he came off as cuter than he was. Like for instance, when the twins were obsessed with the Wiggles, I started thinking Gregg was cute because of the company he was in but if you put Gregg next to any of the other guys I think are cute, he wouldn't even compare. I do not like that one blond...Monica, maybe. The one that was driving Jenna off the deep end (but let's face it, it wouldn't take much and why does she have to be the blogger?) and was hitting on Blakely. By the way, that is a great way to make sure the producers, who I am sure are all men, make sure you stay on the show. Jenna was going to stay because what fun is watching it without the crazies or the drama (I'd still watch). These girls are mean, mean, mean.


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